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Airtime / Usage

  1. How is call airtime calculated?
  2. What are "intra-network minutes"?
  3. How is extra usage charged for?
  4. How can I obtain unbilled usage information?
1. How is call airtime calculated?
  Airtime starts when the recipient answers the call and ends when the caller / recipient hangs up. Airtime is charged for by the minute and is rounded up to the nearest minute. Fractions of minutes will be charged as one minute. No charge is incurred if the line is busy or if there is no answer. Airtime will also be deducted when calling your voicemail box.  
2. What are "intra-network minutes"?
  This is airtime that applies to incoming and outgoing calls to/from other csl customers.  
3. How is extra usage charged for?
  Extra usage is charged when it exceeds the free entitlement according to your service plan. Charges for additional minutes vary depending on your service plan.  
4. How can I obtain unbilled usage information?
  You can check unbilled voice/video airtime, SMS, mobile data, now TV, now SPORTS and MOOV usage conveniently by any of the following ways:  
i) Use your handset to press *138#(Chinese)/*139#(English) to receive usage SMS
ii) Use your handset to login to Infotainment service content ( ( ("My Account", click "Current Balance & Unbilled Usage")
iii) Login to "My Account" at csl’s website, click "Current Balance & Unbilled Usage"
iv) Android and iOS handset users can check unbilled usage using the "My Account Check" app.
  Note: Unbilled usage is for reference only. Please refer to your monthly bill for actual usage.  

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Business Customer Hotline:10086"

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