csl All-In-One Rechargeable SIM Cardnew

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$98 facevalue provides Nano SIM devices version!

Features Service charges (HK$)
Local calls1 $0.2/min
IDD calls1 IDD 001 / IDD 0060 + $0.25/min airtime charge2
Local call forwarding Local call
Local SMS3 Intra Network: $0.1/SMS
Inter Network: $0.7/SMS
International call forwarding2 IDD001 charges + $0.25/min airtime charge
Unconditional Call Forwarding Package $15/30days10
Caller Number Display Free
Voice Mail $5/30 days11
Conference Call    Local call apply for each line
Call Waiting Local call apply for each line
Local Video Call1 Intra: $1.0 /min
Inter: $2.0/ min
Data services4
Local data Effect from Jan, 1, 2014 Valid before Dec 31, 2013
   1-Day-Pass7 $18 / 1.2GB~ $18 / 1.2GB + unlimited Wi-Fi
   3-Day-Pass7 $38 / 2GB~ $38 / 2GB + unlimited Wi-Fi
   7-Day-Pass7 $68 / 3GB~ $68 / 3GB + unlimited Wi-Fi
   30-Day-Pass7 - $188 / 8GB + unlimited Wi-Fi
   Usage period aligned with card validity7 $218 / 2GB~ -
   Pay-as-you-go $3/1000KB
Wi-Fi Free
KingKing (傾King)8 $8/day, $88/30days~
Roaming calls Charges
Roaming data6 $88/ 20MB / day~
$168/ 50MB / day~
International video calls1 Australia, Singapore, Macau, Malaysia, Japan, Mainland China, South Korea & Thailand: $0.8/min
United Kingdom, Taiwan, Philippines, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia & Russia: $9.0/min
Indonesia: $12.0/min
International SMS3 To China: $0.5/SMS
To other countries: $1.8/SMS
Local MMS9 $3/MB
Overseas MMS $0.12/KB
MTR/tunnels/mobile license/ administration fee12 $2.5 / month
~ To subscribe : Dial *131#
Please refer to "Charging Mechanism" for details of the remarks.

IDD calls

IDD 0060 call charge waived to 32 selected countries/destinations#, including mainland China, the US, Canada and Singapore.
IDD 0060 call charge waived via mobile phone to below 32 selected countries/destinations#:

Destinations Country/Territory Code Fixed-Line Number Terminating
(24-Hour Applicable)
Mobile Number Terminating
(24-Hour Applicable)
CANADA 1 $0 $0
TAIWAN 886 $1.99
MALAYSIA 60 $2.40
JAPAN ^ 81 $3.30
SOUTH KOREA 82 $3.70
BELGIUM 32 $4.00
FRANCE 33 $4.00
GERMANY 49 $4.00
INDIA 91 $4.80
NEW ZEALAND 64 $4.00
SWEDEN 46 $4.00
DENMARK 45 $4.70
ITALY 39 $4.70
SPAIN 34 $4.70
THAILAND 66 $4.99
AUSTRIA 43 $7.40
MONGOLIA 976 $8.30
HUNGARY 36 $8.80
IRELAND 353 $8.80
LUXEMBOURG 352 $8.80
NORWAY 47 $8.80
CYPRUS 357 $11.20
VENEZUELA 58 $14.20

^ The above IDD 0060 rates do not apply for calls made to telephone numbers with prefixes "4456", "447", "448" or "449" in UK and "8150" in Japan.
# $0.25 airtime charge applies. 32 Countries include fixed line and mobile numbers in Canada, mainland China, Singapore and the US, plus fixed line numbers in other 28 destinations. Postpaid IDD 0060 rate table and offers (via bill settlement) do not apply to this Rechargeable SIM Card.

For the rate of IDD 0060, please click here.
For the rate of IDD 001, please click here.

3 ways to make IDD calls using csl Rechargeable SIM Card:
1. Press   0060      Country / Territory Code      Area Code      Phone Number   ; or
2. Press   001      Country / Territory Code      Area Code      Phone Number   ; or
3. Press  +     Country / Territory Code      Area Code      Phone Number

For IDD charging details, please call the service hotline or visit www.hkcsl.com. Postpaid IDD 0060 rate table and offers (i.e. via bill settlement) do not apply to this Rechargeable SIM Card.

If you call back to an incoming IDD call by retrieving the telephone number from the caller number display (eg from “Answered” or “Missed” call records), this IDD call will be charged at IDD 001 rates, as you are using IDD 001 to make the call.

International Roaming / Roaming data pass+

You can get roaming data; make calls to Hong Kong, within the same country/territory, or to other countries/territories when you are overseas.

  • Roaming data pass6
    Press * 131# SEND (operate in overseas)
  • Calling Hong Kong
    Press * * 128 * Hong Kong Tel. No. # SEND
  • Making local calls in other countries/territories
    Press * * 128 * 001 Country / Territory Code Area Code Local Tel. No. # SEND
  • Making calls to other countries/territories
    Press *  * 128 * 001 Country / Territory Code Area Code Tel. No. in other country  #  SEND

After pressing the requisite key string, you’ll receive a message saying “Thank you for using our service. The number you’ve dialed is being connected, please wait”. Wait for your phone to ring, and answer it. You will then be connected to the called party. The roaming service has been enabled by default in this Rechargeable SIM Card. Customers can take the action to prevent handsets from switching to mainland China-based mobile networks while in Hong Kong, thereby incurring unnecessary roaming charges. Temporarily suspend the roaming service with the following shortcodes:

  • To suspend roaming service: * 109  #  SEND
  • To resume roaming service before leaving Hong Kong:  # 109 # SEND
  • To check roaming status: *  # 109 # SEND

+ If you have to make or receive calls while roaming, please cancel all local/international call forwarding functions.

Local data day passes

To enjoy local internet access via your device, simply subscribe local data day pass.  To cope with your needs, we prepare different day passes for your selection. •You can subscribe/ unsubscribe to local data day pass, you can:
Press  * 131 #  SEND After pressing the requisite key string, you’ll receive a selection menu of day passes, please reply with the code of selected day pass, then confirm to subscribe/unsubscribe the service. 
Roaming data is not included and Roaming data charges is required. Note: If all entitled data is consumed within day pass period, the local data service will be stopped, you can press *131# SEND to apply the day pass again.

csl Wi-Fi

Use a Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11b/g/n/ac) enabled device at csl Wi-Fi hotspots to experience the fastest wireless broadband connectivity.

Hotspot Search:
Visit www.cslwifi.com > Hotspot location

How to use:

  • Go to csl Wi-Fi hotspots, and set the Network Name (SSID/ESSID) to "csl"
  • Launch your internet browser
  • Type any valid URL into the address field and you will be redirected to the csl Wi-Fi login page automatically
  • Login to the service: ;
    1) Choose "Discover HK Tourist SIM/Prepaid SIM Cards".
    2) Enter your mobile number and PIN to login to the service.
  • After login, a new offline window will pop-up to let you terminate the connection. Do not close the offline window. To terminate your csl Wi-Fi session, simply click the "Disconnect" button.
  • If you have accidentally closed the Disconnect pop-up window, please go to hotspot.pccwwifi.com and click "Disconnect" to logout. Please visit www.cslwifi.com for csl Wi-Fi service details and terms & conditions.

KingKing (傾King)

You can make/receive unlimited calls to/from Hong Kong through this KingKing app while you are abroad.
- For caller/receiver located in overseas, Wi-Fi connection, mobile device and KingKing application are required.
- Your friend/relative located in Hong Kong can use any fixed or mobile phone to call you without internet connection nor KingKing application installed.

You are recommended to download KingKing application before leaving Hong Kong, please go to Google Play or App Store and use “csl” as the search phrase.

You will need to complete a one-off registration to use KingKing. Please connect to Wi-Fi Network before switching on KingKing.

Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4
1)Enter mobile number 2)Enter SIM password 3)Accept T&C 4)Turn on the app(Red box), and ready to make call
  1. Press KingKing application icon on your handset menu; and enter your csl's number when using KingKing for the first time
  2. Enter password of rechargeable SIM card (password can be found on your SIM card jacket, please dial our service hotline if lost )
  3. Accept KingKing Terms & Conditions
  4. Switch on KingKing then it will change to blue, showing that all incoming/ outgoing calls are connected via KingKing

KingKing cannot be used for emergency calls while you are abroad, so please make emergency calls via your regular voice service. However, you can use KingKing to make emergency calls in Hong Kong.

Sales Channels
csl  7-11  OK  UNY  Suning

$98 Nano version can be found on csl Shops and Circle K

Check account balance and validity
Press ##122# SEND


Charging Mechanism
  1. Local calls, IDD calls, video calls and International Call Forwarding calls are charged on a per minute basis.
  2. $0.25/min airtime charges apply when using IDD service and International Call Forwarding.
  3. International roaming calls are charged on a per minute basis. Airtime will be deducted in units of 1 minute once you answer the return call from our system, even if the called number is busy or unanswered. Each SMS holds 160 English or 70 Chinese characters, including spaces. If your message exceeds this limitation, we will help you to truncate it into multiple SMS and each SMS will be charged.
  4. Local data is charged on a per-MB basis. Please ensure the data connection is disabled when you are not using the service to avoid unnecessary charges.
  5. Local data must be consumed within Hong Kong. A roaming data charge will be made when roaming overseas.
  6. Roaming data is charged on a per-20KB basis. Cut-off time for roaming data day plan is HK time 23:59, new daily cap starts at HK time 00:00.
  7. Local 1-day, 3-day, 7-day and "Usage period aligned with card validity" data passes commence on the day of subscription. Service will be automatically terminated at HK time 23:59 on the commencement day, 3rd day, 7th day or until expiry of the prepaid card, but no more than 365 days from the subscription date of the data plan, whichever is sooner. For 1/3/7 days data passes, customers are required to subscribe to the data pass again for continued use, otherwise local data will be charged at $3/1000KB pay-as-you-go basis. $3/1000KB pay-as-you-go local data charging will not apply on subscribed period once the "Usage period aligned with card validity" has been activated, and will be resumed once the subscription is expired. The validity of the "Usage period aligned with card validity" local data pass will last until expiry of the prepaid card, but no more than 365 days from the subscription date of the data plan, whichever is sooner.
  8. Customers are required to download the KingKing application to utilize this service. KingKing is compatible only with certain handsets( please refer to http://www.hkcsl.com/en/KK-voice-call-service-2nd/ ). $8/day, $88/30days for making outgoing calls to any Hong Kong phone number or receiving incoming calls from anywhere in the world via KingKing, cut off time of the day plan package is 23:59 HK time on expire day. IDD charges apply if making calls to non-Hong Kong phone numbers, and local voice call minutes will be charged for the duration of such a call during all calls. Charges for Wi-Fi connectivity and IDD charges (if any) are additional. Local voice call minutes will be charged for using KingKing application to make/receive calls in Hong Kong. csl cannot guarantee "KingKing" service performance on handset models not listed, nor call quality at every single Wi-Fi hotspot or any other place where Wi-Fi is available. Download the application from Google Play and App Store will incur local mobile data charge, while roaming data charge will incur in overseas.
  9. Both incoming and outgoing MMS are charged on a per-MB basis. If MMS is downloaded / sent during roaming, roaming data charges apply.
  10. No local airtime charges applied for Unconditional Call Forwarding Package. Local call forwarding when busy, unanswered and unreachable are not included in the package. The package will be renewed automatically every 30 days and related package charge will be deducted from your account.
  11. When accessing Voice Mail via a mobile phone, airtime is charged. Roaming charges apply when retrieving voice mails from outside Hong Kong. The Voice Mail package will be renewed automatically every 30 days and related package charge will be deducted from your account.
  12. The MTR/Tunnels/Mobile License/ Administration Fee will be deducted automatically from your account on a monthly basis.
  13. If the subscribed packages cannot be renewed successfully due to insufficient balance in your account, the related packages will be cancelled. Please re-subscribe to the packages after recharge.
  14. Any dispute over value or usage should be raised with csl within one month.
  15. A $30 service fee will be charged for each copy of the call details relating to the current month.
  16. Usage records maintained by csl shall, in the absence of manifest error, be conclusive evidence.
  17. CSL Mobile Limited reserves the right to amend the tariff and the related charges.  Please call the service hotline for tariff details


Service Hotline 1833 803

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