BlackBerry Internet Service

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BlackBerry® Internet Service enables users to maintain always-on connectivity to business or personal email with no server software, solution outsourcing or additional IT resource required.

Compose, send and receive email (including HTML email#) from business and personal accounts. View and download attachments such as PowerPoint^ and Excel^ documents.
Wireless Internet
Get quick access to HTML and WAP web-pages while you’re on the move.
Instant Messaging and social networking applications
Support MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, ICQ, AOL and Facebook.
Why csl BIS?
One-touch access to the latest world news and financial updates from channels such as now NEWS, now BNC, CNN International and CNBC.
Seamless connectivity between GPRS, HSDPA and csl’s 7,000 Wi-Fi hotspots provides extra network availability.
Face-to-face support from in-store mobile consultants provides extra convenience when seeking handset software upgrades and after-sales support.
^ BlackBerry Device Software v4.2.1 or more recent required.
# BlackBerry Device Software v4.5 or more recent required.


Benefits for small businesses:
Affordable corporate solution
Stay connected anywhere, anytime
Personal assistant
Benefits for individuals:
Enhanced quality of life
BlackBerry sets you free
Your outdoor inbox
Be in control

For more details on using BlackBerry® Internet Service, please refer to theBlackBerry service user guide.

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