Roaming Pocket Wi-Fi Day Pass Package

Terms & Conditions:

1. These Special Terms and Conditions are supplemental to the Mobile Service Agreement (“Agreement”) and form an integral part of the Agreement. In consideration of us offering the Mobile Service and/or the above offer, you agree to subscribe to the Mobile Service subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement and these Special Term and Conditions.
2. In order to utilize Roaming Pocket Wi-Fi Day Pass Package (“Service”), you are required to subscribe to this Service for a Commitment Period of 24 months. Settlement of Service fees by autopay via designated credit card is also required. The prepayment (amount as stated above) is required and the prepayment amount will be credited into your Service’s account by installments during the Commitment Period. When the Commitment Period expires, you are not required to pay the monthly fee, we will continue to provide the mobile service stated above in accordance with the Service plan and you will be charged the Local data usage plan and Roaming Pocket Wi-Fi Day Pass full prevailing Service fee plus the MTR/Tunnels/Mobile License/Administration Fee. Roaming Pocket Wi-Fi Day Pass charge will be shown on bill as Data Roaming Day Pass.
3. The Service is only available for existing customer. If the mobile service of the mobile number stated above is terminated, the Service will also be terminated. You will also have to pay the Early Termination Charge stated above. All rebates, waivers and any other privileges and benefits (if any) under the existing contract terms will be forfeited immediately.
4. You are required to pay $18 per month for the MTR/Tunnels/Mobile License/Administration Fee (waived within Commitment Period).
5. The first unit of Roaming Pocket Wi-Fi Day Pass ($68 or $98) will be waived per billing month for the first three months from the effective date of the offer. Standard charge will apply from the second unit of Roaming Pocket Wi-Fi Day Pass per billing month and thereafter. No waiver will apply if no Roaming Pocket Wi-Fi Day Pass consumed in the billing month. From the fourth billing month, complimentary Roaming Pocket Wi-Fi Day Pass will expire.
6. The Service is only applicable to the designated service plan’s customer above and is able to use data roaming service in the designated destinations outside Hong Kong.
7. The Roaming Pocket Wi-Fi Day Pass will be activated 24 hours after your application and will be valid from 00:00 to 23:59 daily, Hong Kong time. If you use data roaming in more than one destination during the same day, only one Roaming Pocket Wi-Fi Day Pass will be charged for (based on the most current Roaming Pocket Wi-Fi Day Pass selected). You agree that Roaming Pocket Wi-Fi Day Pass charges must be paid for the use of data roaming service at the applicable roaming destinations above, unless subscription has been cancelled.
8. Data roaming service will be suspended after the daily entitlement of the Roaming Pocket Wi-Fi Day Pass in a billing day is consumed. You are required to top up and pay for additional data roaming service entitlement in order to resume the Service.
9. Entitlement offered by the Roaming Pocket Wi-Fi Day Pass remains valid from 00:00 to 23:59 daily, Hong Kong time. Unused entitlement will be forfeited after the cut-off time.
10. By subscribing to the Service, you understand and agree that you may only use data roaming Service via the applicable roaming operators of the selected applicable roaming destinations as set out above or as from time to time updated. You cannot use data roaming service outside the applicable roaming destinations. For details on applicable roaming destination, please visit
11. You must activate the IDD and international roaming service in order to use the Service.
12. The Service does not include any voice service, SMS or other mobile value-added service.
13. The usage experience, actual connection and the speed of the data roaming service may vary depending on the roaming destination and network operator you roam with, internet conditions, server speeds, network conditions, coverage, locations, the computer and device used, hardware, software, usage levels and other factors.
14. All other company and product names may be the trademarks owned by respective companies.
15. Terms and conditions of the services included in the Service (if any and if applicable) apply, for details please refer to our website We reserve the right to terminate or change these offers, service plans or terms and conditions at any time without prior notice, and to make the final decision in the event of any dispute.