Android Phone

csl Wi-Fi Auto Connect
Method 1: Auto Connect (Applicable to Android handsets and tablets)
csl Wi-Fi With simple setup, your device will automatically connect to Wi-Fi when csl Wi-Fi is detected, without logging in every time.
1. Download csl Wi-Fi app (Auto Connect can be set up at anywhere)
2. Click "Set up Auto Connect"
Google Play
(Data usage will be charged when download via Google Play)
Method 2: Manual setup for Wi-Fi (Applicable to Android handsets and tablets)
1. While within csl Wi-Fi coverage, go to Settings > "Wi-Fi", turn ON "Wi-Fi", then select "CSL Auto Connect".
2. EAP method: Choose "SIM"
If "SIM" is not available for EAP method, please follow the steps below to setup Wi-Fi:
3. Choose "PEAP" for EAP method.
Identity: Enter your mobile number followed and password*, then click “Connect”.

*If you want to reset password, please dial *111# on your handset.