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Mobile Data

  1. General data
  2. Mobile email
  3. Mobile internet
  4. Mobile Data Setup and Activation
1. General data
1. How will I know if I am using GPRS or Wi-Fi?
  The network indicator at the top of your smartphone screen will tell whether you are using Wi-Fi or GPRS (3G or 3.5G). If you want to opt for Wi-Fi over GPRS, you can use the “manual select network” phone setting. For more information, please go to csl Wi-Fi service webpage.  
2. How can I keep track on my GPRS usage?
  You can dial *139#, from your handset. We will automatically push you an SMS containing your voice and GPRS usage.  
3. How come there is GPRS consumption with my Smartphone even I have not done any web browsing and receiving emails?
  The widget will continue to update the information from internet and it may consume certain MB usage, therefore, please check if you are using online widgets (eg. Weather, news always on, stock, gmail etc…), otherwise, if you want to turn off the widget, please go to widget setting.  
4. When abroad, how to reduce data roaming charges?
  Using a mobile data service overseas will incur data-roaming charges. You can disable your handset’s data feature before traveling, or press ##002# to cancel all the types of call forwarding before you leave Hong Kong, avoiding unnecessary roaming charges.  
Mobile email
1. How do I receive email on my smartphone?
  You may download the user guide at Smartphone & Tablet User Guide webpage for reference.  
2. If I use my mobile to establish a pop3 / IMAP account, can I set a time interval for retrieval of email from the server?
  Yes. You can define a time interval (eg every 30 mins, 1 hour or 2 hours) for pop3 / IMAP account email retrieval. Simply go to email settings and change retrieval arrangements for the relevant email account.  
3. Can I choose not to pull SPAM mail to my mobile?
  Yes. Yahoo!Mail users can arrange not to download SPAM by adjusting POP settings on a PC. For Hotmail and Gmail users, default settings will automatically bar SPAM mail from being downloaded to your smartphone with no further action from the user needed.  
4. Can I set limits on my mobile, such as by synchronizing 2KB/email?
  With most smartphones, you can choose to receive “headers only” (around 2KB each), or limit the size of email downloaded to your phone by adjusting retrieval amount in your email settings.  
Mobile internet
1. How comes I can’t go online with my mobile?
  Make sure your mobile data service is activated and input “mobile” at APN of the Cellular Data setup page of your smartphone. You may download the user guide at Smartphone & Tablet User Guide webpage for reference. If you need further assistance, please contact our 24-hour csl Consumer Service Hotline : 1000 or 24-hour csl Business Customer Hotline : 10088.  
2. How do I go to csl WAP?
  Go to to access csl WAP. Simply bookmark the page for easy navigation in future.  
3. When I am surfing online, will I be charged GPRS rates if I go back to previous pages I have viewed?
  Yes. GPRS charges will be incurred when loading every page.  
4. How many emails sent / received, web pages browsing and music/video streaming minutes can be consumed with 5GB GPRS mobile data?
  You can use the csl Data Calculator to estimate your monthly mobile data usage for reference.  
5. How many web pages can be browsed with 100MB GPRS mobile data?
  Take an an average of 300KB for each webpage, you can browse around 340 web pages with 100MB GRPS mobile date.  

Consumer Service Hotline:1000 
Business Customer Hotline:10086

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