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csl is setting a new Tap&Go trend after exploring the NFC mobile payment market. At the heart of this lifestyle-changing innovation is an NFC SIM card that combines Octopus with mobile payment facilities from various banks. Users can opt for the Octopus element for public transportation, car parking, shopping, vending machines, online stores and more – so no need to carry a wallet when out and about. In addition, you can use your smartphone to make credit card payments locally and overseas. All you need is a compatible smartphone to enjoy 3-in-1 functionality – namely mobile communications, Internet access and making payments.


「Tab & Go 」
Mobile Payment Service

Mobile Payment Service

Mobile Payments Service

Commercial Bank
- Smart Mobile Pay Service

Bank of Communications
Mobile Payment Service

NFC Mobile Payment Services



Octopus Mobile Payment Service

Octopus Cards Limited Licence Number: SVF0001
(Effective Date: 13/11/2016)
Octopus Mobile Payment Service

Be the first to experience our free Octopus Mobile Payment Service, the first Octopus and SIM card 2 in 1, that enables shoppers to make purchases and check balance using a smartphone.

Terms and Conditions: By purchasing a designated handset model, customers can get a free NFC SIM (Octopus) (value HK$100) and waiver of the Octopus function activation fee (value HK$100). The promotion lasts until further notice. Octopus Mobile Payment Service is applicable only to csl customers and designated handset models. 

Exclusive video from csl: “Love at first dood!”

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Fall In Love

(only Chinese version available)

How Octopus Mobile SIM make your life more convenient?


Easy to check your balance and transactions!

Simply download the “Octopus” app from Google Play, you can then use your smartphone to check your last 40 transactions and remaining balance.

Remaining value can be shown on user' s home screen for easy review User can simply check the last 40 transactions

Remaining value can be shown on widget for easy review

User can simply check the last 40 transactions


Using Octopus Mobile Payment requires:
Octopus Mobile Payment
  • NFC handset tested by Octopus Company Limited
  • NFC SIM (Octopus)


Designated handsets included:

Brand Model
Sony Xperia™ Z5
Xperia™ Z5 Premium
Xperia™ Z5 Compact
Xperia™ Z3+
Xperia™ C3
Xperia™ T2 Ultra
Xperia™ M2
Xperia™ X Compact
Xperia™ X Performance
Xperia™ XZ
G Flex 2
G3 Beat
G Pro 2
G2 Mini
Samsung GALAXY A8
GALAXY A9 (2016)
GALAXY S7 edge
GALAXY S6 edge
GALAXY S6 edge +
One (E8)
One (E9+)
Desire 816 LTE
Desire 530

"Tap & Go" Mobile Payment Service

Tap&Go Mobile Payment Service

Introduction to "Tab & Go" Mobile Payment Service

Say goodbye to traditional payment methods. A new mobile payment experience is here!

Tap & Go bringing new, convenient, speedy and secure payment experience to you,and it is your only prepaid service with the ease of Apple Pay in HK^. . Tap & Go can be used at over 4 million MasterCard® PayPassTMand Apple Pay merchant locations worldwide. With your mobile phone in hand, you shall enjoy the greatest fun ever when shopping at retails, checking out online stores or even transferring money between family and friends.

Enjoy all-new spending and money transfer experience! Tap & Go is a mobile MasterCard® Prepaid product leveraging PayPassTM technology in SIM. Tap & Go delivers a secure and reliable contactless mobile payment service to the benefit of csl customers. 

Whether you are splitting bills, shopping in stores or making online purchase, Tap & Go lets you settle all your payments and transfers in no time. We also offer flexible top-up options and attractive rewards for you!

Tap as you Go
No more hassle. “PayReady” lets you tap to pay
With Tap & Go “PayReady”, you can tap to pay at MasterCard® PayPassTM accepting restaurants, cinemas and retail outlets even your phone is in stand-by mode!
Tap as you Share
Innovative “PayBuddy” lets you transfer money to family and friends!
Tap & Go supports instant money transfers. Just tap two NFC phones together to send or receive payment (Tap to Send/Receive). You may also enter a mobile number to enjoy the convenience of the Remote Transfer function! 
Protect as you Surf
Peace-of-mind for online shopping!
Option to enable / disable online purchase for maximum security.
Tap & Go is a prepaid account that gives you control over your balance and spending. Together with our transaction alert service, your account and money are highly protected when you shop online. 
^ Compares to other commercially launched prepaid payment services available to customers in Hong Kong as of 15 August 2016. 


How to use "Tab & Go" Mobile Payment Service

Watch the video below to understand more about "Tap & Go" Mobile Payment Service and to experience the extraordinary electronic payment technology:


To learn more how to use "Tab & Go" Mobile Payment Service


Dah Sing Bank welcome offer
csl x DahSing Bank welcome offer

To know more about "Tap & Go" Mobile Payment Service and its privileges

Terms and conditions:

  • Welcome offers terms and conditions apply.
  • 300Mbps is our network specification for downlink of 4G LTE-A (with 50Mbps for uplink) provided via two sections of 20MHz continuous spectrum each, which is only available to designated locations with the use of a compatible CAT 6 device. Actual speeds that customers experience are less than the specifications and will be affected by the device used, locations, network conditions and other extraneous factors. Compares to other commercially launched mobile networks available to customer in Hong Kong as of 14 April 2015.
  • Tap & Go Payment Service is subject to the Terms and Conditions published by HKT Payment Limited, please visit for details.

  • Customers who are currently using Octopus Mobile Payment or Bank’s Credit Card Mobile Payment may need to switch SIM and take the following actions:  For Octopus Mobile Payment customers, they can get the refund of their remaining Octopus balances via MTR stations.  For Bank’s Credit Card Mobile Payment, customers can reactivate the Mobile Payment Service via bank’s mobile app.  For details, please refer to Octopus or Banks’ web sites.
  • The following SIM or services are not eligible to the Tap & Go Service: Secondary SIM of “Multi Device Plan”, one2free 2G, Prepaid SIM, Just One Card, Multi-SIM, China-HK One Card 2 Number.


Download method

Download the Tap & Go Mobile Wallet to enjoy payment convenience and rewards via a simple and intuitive interface.

Tap & Go Mobile Wallet  App      


How to register?

It takes only a few simple steps to register for your "Tap & Go" Mobile Payment Service. Application is easy and no annual fee and deposit required!

Detail steps


How to top up

Choose the prepaid amount for your Tap & Go. Top-up either by cash or credit card at your choice, flexibly to meet your needs. Top-up via Tap & Go Mobile Wallet and online account, or go to csl shop for cash top-up, quick and easy!

Cash Top-up
You may top-up your account at csl shop or 7-Eleven in cash. Top-up amounts range from $100 to $3,000.
Credit Card Top-up
With any Dah Sing VISA and MasterCard, you can top-up your account on demand or set up auto top-up function (minimum top-up amount for credit card is $500) and respective threshold. 

Detail steps


Who is eligible?

csl customers get priority use of Tap & Go service with a NFC-enabled Android mobile phone and an compatible SIM* card. Please also submit copies of HKID card and proof of residence issued within the last 3 months.

* Existing clients can exchange their old SIM card for a Tap & Go compatible SIM card free at csl shop.



Tap & Go is compatible with NFC-enabled mobile phones equipped with an Android 4.4 system or above. *^

Supporting handset models

* For system upgrades, instructions on NFC operations and NFC sensing positions, please refer to the mobile phone manufacturer's website.
^ If Tap & Go fails to read, try moving your mobile phone in different positions and distances.


Special Terms and Conditions of NFC SIM Card and NFC Services
1. CSL Mobile Limited is the provider of SIM Cards that may support certain Near Field Communication (NFC) services (“NFC SIM Cards”).
2. Near Field Communication services (“NFC Services”), include but are not limited to NFC mobile payment services provided by third party service providers such as financial institutions, Octopus Cards Limited (Licence Number: SVF0001 Effective Date: 13/11/2016), HKT Payment Limited or any of our Affiliates (“Service Providers”). The NFC Services are provided by the Service Providers directly.
3. Where you have applied for the NFC Services service provided by a Service Provider, we will provide you with a NFC SIM Card and you agree to use the NFC SIM Card subject to the terms and conditions of the Mobile Service Agreement and these Special Terms and Conditions.
4. You understand and agree that:
  (a) You will be solely responsible for the compliance and performance of any agreements made between you and the Service Providers and any other rules, regulations, procedures and requirements of the Service Providers in relation to the NFC Services. For Tap & Go function, please visit for Terms and Conditions, for Octopus function, please visit for Terms and Conditions, Dos and Don’ts prepared by Octopus Cards Limited (Licence Number: SVF0001 Effective Date: 13/11/2016);
  (b) You will use a compatible device as specified by the Service Providers at all times;
  (c) You will follow all security precautions and guidelines in relation to the NFC Services and/or any relevant NFC payment arrangement issued by the relevant Service Providers and any other regulatory authorities from time to time;
  (d) You will be solely responsible for the use or any unauthorized use of the NFC Services;
  (e) You will bear all fees, charges and expenses which may be imposed by the Service Providers in relation to the NFC Services; and
  (f) You will provide the Service Providers with the mobile number assigned to the NFC SIM Card, and immediately report to the Service Providers of any loss or replacement of the NFC SIM Card, change of the mobile number assigned to the NFC SIM Card or any unauthorized use of the NFC Services.
5. In order to facilitate the registration, activation, and use and support the various functions of the NFC mobile payment service, you expressly acknowledge, agree and authorize us to disclose or transfer the information specified below to the relevant Service Providers or their respective officers, contractors, agents or representatives in order for the relevant Service Providers to provide their NFC mobile payment services:
  (a) information to confirm that you are using an NFC SIM Card; and
  (b) information about the current status of your mobile service account, including but not limited to:
i. activation, suspension, termination and resumption of the Mobile Service of the mobile number assigned to the NFC SIM Card;
ii. reported loss of the NFC SIM Card or of a device with the NFC SIM Card installed, or replacement of the NFC SIM Card; and
iii. new mobile number in the event of any change of the mobile number assigned to the NFC SIM Card.
6. You acknowledge and agree that the arrangement in this Mobile Service Agreement in relation to disclosure of your information as specified above will cease immediately if your Mobile Service is terminated for any reason.
7. You will pay to us a reasonable fee for activation of the NFC Services in the NFC SIM Card and all SMS, Mobile Data or other charges (local or roaming) (if any) incurred as a result of any usage of the NFC Services or the Service Providers activating, suspending, terminating or resuming the NFC Services by sending SMS, which may or may not be shown or displayed on your device, or by other means.
8. We do not guarantee the quality of the NFC Services and any other goods and services provided by the Service Providers. Any disputes or complaints in connection with the NFC Services and such other goods and services must be directed to the Service Providers. We will not be liable for any matters arising from or in connection with the NFC Services and such other goods and services and/or any loss and expense incurred or suffered by you or any other persons due to any improper or unauthorized use of the NFC Services or any loss of the NFC SIM Card, any failure to follow the security precautions and guidelines issued in relation to the NFC Services or use of mobile devices that are not compatible with the NFC Services. We exclude all loss, damage, cost, expense, liability and penalty arising out of the NFC Services and such other goods and services.
9. In the event of termination of Mobile Service with us, you shall contact the Service Providers directly to arrange for cancellation of NFC mobile payment service on the NFC SIM Card and to arrange for refund of any remaining value in the NFC SIM Card (if any) in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Service Providers.


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