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SME Startup offer:
# This offer available for selective business customers with valid Business Registration Certificate via designated hotline and shops. For more offer details, please reach our csl retail shop or call our services hotline at 28882123.
* 600Mbps is our network specification for downlink of 4G LTE-A network (with 50Mbps for uplink) provided via three sections of 20MHz continuous 4G spectrum each, which is only available to designated locations with the use of a compatible device. Actual speeds that customers experience are less than the specifications and will be affected by the device used, locations, network conditions and other extraneous factors. Compares to other commercially launched mobile networks available to customer in Hong Kong as of 1 May 2017.
Listed monthly average local data usage and monthly service fee was calculated under SME Ultra 600* Multi-User SIM Only Service Plan (service plan), With the actual monthly Fee after deducted the monthly rebate $456/6GB, total 5 SIM cards were included in service plan, the average monthly fee for each SIM card would be $91.2 per month and the average monthly local data usage would be 1.2GB per month. You are required to pay a MTR/Tunnels/Mobile License/Administration Fee of $18 per month.
^ Customer must subscribe to a designated 20GB SME Ultra 600* Multi-User Service Plan and extra SIM card service $58 per month and value-added services to the value of at least $39 per month (if applicable) for a commitment period of 24 months. Device Connection: You are required to subscribe to this Service Plan and extra SIM service $58 per month and designated Value Added Service(s) of not less than $39 per month (if applicable) simultaneously for a designated Commitment Period. If your selected VAS is terminated or cancelled at any time within the Commitment Period, you will have to select another VAS so that the total monthly fee of VAS subscribed by you shall not be less than $39 per month (if applicable). Prepayment (amount depending on your chosen device and Service Plan subscription) is required and the prepayment amount will be credited into your csl account by installments during the Commitment Period. SIM Connection: You are required to subscribe to this Service Plan for a designated Commitment Period. You are required to pay a MTR/Tunnels/Mobile License/Administration Fee of $18 per month. All usage included in the Service Plan will be shared among all SIM Cards. The accumulated usage of all SIM Cards will be counted towards the usage of your Service Plan. All usage of the Additional SIM Card will be counted towards the usage of your Service Plan. Roaming charges will apply when you use the Additional SIM Card overseas. If your Service Plan or any part thereof is suspended or limited, the services of the Additional SIM Card will also be suspended or limited. If your Service Plan is terminated, the Additional SIM Card will also be terminated and you will have to pay the Early Termination Charge in the sum of the remaining contract monthly fee per Additional SIM Card. You will also have to pay the Early Termination Charge if you terminate the Additional SIM Card before the expiry of its Commitment Period. Intra-network SMS is text SMS sent within Hong Kong to 1O1O, csl and SUN Mobile customers and is subject to a monthly quota of 10,000 SMS units ("Quota"). Inter-network SMS is text SMS sent within Hong Kong to users of other Hong Kong networks. International SMS is text SMS sent within Hong Kong to users of overseas networks. Within the monthly Quota, you can enjoy sending any Inter-network SMS at $0.6 per SMS and International SMS at $2 per SMS. The Inter-network SMS and International SMS will be counted towards the Quota. If the usage exceeds the Quota, the Thereafter Charge is $0.2 per Intra-network SMS; $0.8 per Inter-network SMS; and $3 per International SMS. Each SMS holds 160 English or 70 non-English characters, including spaces and punctuation marks. If the SMS contains both English and non-English characters, the limit of 70 characters shall apply. If your message exceeds this limitation, it will be transmitted in form of multiple SMS and each SMS will be charged. 1,000Mbps is the network specification for Wi-Fi 802.11ac only applicable to selected csl Wi-Fi hotspots in limited locations. However, the actual speeds experienced by customers using those hotspots are considerably less than the network specifications and will be affected by user’s mobile device (e.g. number of antenna equipped), network coverage and usage, international bandwidth and other extraneous factors. You can earn Clubpoints from your eligible spending on services such as mobile and fixed-line communications, as well as other offerings. These Clubpoints can be redeemed for fabulous items and services. You can also earn Clubpoints as a business customer, and you can add one or even more BR on your individual membership. The Club service is subject to Terms and Conditions of Club HKT Limited. For details or registration, please visit Always-Be-Connected Data Pass is applicable to individual or SME user who subscribed service through designated channels, included sales hotline and retail shops.
  EF locker services: Services provided by E Commerce Fulfillment Company Limited(EF Locker) (is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SF Express Hong Kong), for any enquiries, please call 3525-0888 or visit EF locker official Users should registered the service trial application through the website successfully before using the service, EF locker will contact you within one week of the completion of the registration of the SME customers and be notified of the availability of the service. On-site pick up will be arranged and maximum 10 units of shipment will be picked up, the maximum size limitation for each shipment unit is 45 * 31 * 35cm and the weight limitation is lower than 3KG, if size, weight or total number of shipment exceeds the maximum limit, EF Locker will charge the arrears at HK $15 per mark. EF Locker reserves the right to refuse to receive additional shipments. Customer have to ensure the shipment unit is suitable for delivery; the following items are considered not allowed:
  Dangerous goods, embargoed goods or restricted articles prescribed by the relevant government departments or organizations;
  Unsafe or unlawful items (Including but not limited to animals or parts thereof and corpses, firearms and their accessories, ammunition, explosives, flammable articles, corrosive articles, body parts or corpses, frozen articles, pornographic articles or illegal narcotic drugs). The number of gifts above is limited, while stocks last. The above products are subject to their supply. CSL Mobile Limited is not a provider of such gifts and will not make any guarantee of the quality of products and services. We will not be liable for any aspect of the above gifts, and will not be liable to you or any other person for any loss arising from such gift. If you have any dispute or complaint about the above gifts, you must contact the provider of the above. You can terminate the Service by giving us at least 30 days' prior notice, if you choose to terminate the Service before expiry of the Commitment Period, you will be required to pay an Early Termination Charge equivalent to the subscription fees of the remaining months of the Commitment Period. We reserve the right to terminate or change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice and to make the final decision in the event of any dispute. Promotion period till 30 Jun 2017.

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