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The personal data you provided above is collected, used and retained by CSL Mobile Limited in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and the Privacy Statement of Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited (available at www.hkt.com/legal/privacy.html). The contact information you provided above will be used to provide you with our direct marketing materials and the latest telecommunications services promotions including but not limited to information on the upcoming csl events and the offer for Hong Kong full-time tertiary students. The above data may be disclosed to applicable governmental or regulatory departments (in any time to the extent permitted by the law, regulations, rules and applicable licence conditions). You may opt-out of receiving our marketing materials; access or amend your personal information at any time by writing to our Data Protection Officer at GPO Box 9896, Hong Kong.
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Terms and Conditions:
* 450Mbps is our network specification for downlink of 4G LTE-A network (with 50Mbps for uplink) provided via three sections of 20MHz continuous 4G spectrum each, which is only available to designated locations with the use of a compatible CAT 9 device. Actual speeds that customers experience are less than the specifications and will be affected by the device used, locations, network conditions and other extraneous factors. Compares to other commercially launched mobile networks available to customer in Hong Kong as of 1 March 2017.
^ The above service plan is without commitment period. Service and charges are on a monthly basis. You are required to pay a MTR/Tunnels/Mobile License/Administration Fee of $18 per month. You can apply this Service Plan if you are aged 18 or above and must be a full time local tertiary student during the term of this Service Plan. The service rebate of this Service Plan is only applicable to 12 months. Each Hong Kong identity cards and passport holder can apply this Service Plan once.
+ Unlimited Wi-Fi usage at csl Wi-Fi hotspots for Wi-Fi compatible devices. For service details, please visit http://e.hkcsl.com/wifi-e.
Capacity Data Package: You may enjoy this Service by subscribing to our designated mobile service plan. If you have already subscribed to our Service and have a Commitment Period with us, we will align the Commitment Period of this Service with your monthly mobile service plan. If there is no Commitment Period in your existing service plan, the Commitment Period of this Service will be 24 months. For Tertiary Student U-Plan or Smart Pama Service Plan, we will align the Commitment Period of this Service with your monthly mobile service plan. When monthly Mobile Data usage reaches the data entitlement of your monthly service plan, you can continue to use the Mobile Data service without speed throttling. However, you will be allocated with less network resources for access subject to the prevailing network conditions and your service experiences may be affected. For details, please refer to http://e.hkcsl.com/data-package.
Customers can get free monthly fee of Viu Premium Service by applying for the Capacity Data Package, expiry of which will terminate the free service. For details, please visit e.hkcsl.com/viu.
Þ The 3 months’ Netflix service (this Offer) is for a Netflix Standard Plan (worth $78 per month). The customer who is entitled to this Offer must be a Capacity Data Pass subscriber. Select customers may enjoy this Offer for one time only. During the 3-month period, you may view the Netflix content primarily within the country/ location in which you have established your account and only in geographic locations where we offer our service and have licensed such content. The content that may be available to watch will vary by geographic location and will change from time to time. This Offer is provided by Netflix International B.V. CSL Mobile Limited does not exercise any editorial control over Netflix content and disclaims all liability and warranties for Netflix service and its content. Once the 3 months’ period expires, unless your Netflix subscription is validly terminated or modified, your existing Netflix service plan will continue and you will be automatically charged a default monthly fee of $78 via your mobile bill. If you do not wish to continue your Netflix subscription upon expiry of the 3-month period, you may terminate your subscription via the Netflix website anytime before expiry of the period with 7 days prior notice. In the event of dispute, CSL’s decision shall be final. Terms and conditions apply, please consult our staff for details.
KingKing: KingKing is a VoIP service based on Wi-Fi connectivity for use in Hong Kong or while you are abroad, so that you can (i) make voice calls to any Hong Kong phone number, (ii) receive voice calls, (iii) make and receive KingKing video calls, or (iv)send SMS messages. Any KingKing users shall pay for the Wi-Fi connectivity service. KingKing is only available to selected service plans and compatible only with certain handsets. For details, please visithttp://e.hkcsl.com/kk.
Tap & Go is subject to the relevant terms and conditions. For details, please visit Tap & Go’s website www.tapngo.com.hk (Stored Value Facilities License Number: SVF0002).
3-month WeChat Data Package: WeChat Data Package provides local mobile data for using some designated WeChat features. The VAS will be cancelled automatically after the 3-month free period. To continue using the VAS, you are required to subscribe to the VAS again. The fee of WeChat Data Package is $8 per month, subject to change from time to time. Please visit http://e.hkcsl.com/wechat for details.
To earn the Club points, you should be the valid member of The Club .The Club points calculation and redemption are subject to Terms and Conditions of Club HKT Limited. For details, please visit www.theclub.com.hk
  Photos are for reference only.
  Terms and conditions of service plan details and offer apply. For the details, please contact our csl shop and student hotline 2888 6600.
  CSL Mobile Limited (「CSL」) reserves the right to change or terminate the above service plan and offer without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, CSL’s decision shall be final, conclusive and binding.