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NEW 4G 150Mbps

csl’s 4G LTE network is capable of 150Mbps1 performance, and benefits from ownership of a 1,000Mbps2 optical-fiber terrestrial transmission network. This is complemented by Wi-Fi connectivity at more than 15,000 hotspots throughout Hong Kong. The end result is a superior, speedy and stable customer experience. Most recently, csl unveiled a VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) capability, enabling customers to enjoy fast-connecting and crystal-clear voice and video calling over its 4G LTE network.

  • The new 150Mbps Pocket Wi-Fi 4G allows concurrent connection of up to 10 Wi-Fi gadgets, providings smoother surfing users of tablets, smartphones and other Wi-Fi gadgets connected at the same time.
  • More than 15,000 csl Wi-Fi hotspots throughout Hong Kong, providing high-speed and stable connectivity in majority locations.
  • First to launch 1000 Mbps^ Wi-Fi service that comply with IEEE802.11ac network specification.


1. 150Mbps is network specification for downlink of 4G LTE network (2600MHz – CAT 4), with 50Mbps for uplink. However, the actual speed that customer experience will be considerably less than the network specifications and will be affected by customer’s device, transmission technology, individual network and software used, network configuration, coverage, usage level, International bandwidth and other extraneous factors.

2. 1,000Mbps is the network specification for internal optical fiber network and is different from actual speeds experienced by customers.

All csl mobile Services may be subject to QoS Measures. In order to meet our commitment to ensure quality of service, we may take traffic control measures to optimize performance of our mobile network. Our traffic control measures may be triggered when there is actual, or anticipated, congestion in our mobile network, and could typically involve prioritizing certain types of traffic over others (for example, we may prioritize email or web browsing traffic over peer-to-peer traffic).

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