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Citibank Joint                  
General Terms and Conditions:
* Offer applicable to standalone purchases  when trading-in a designated device model as a part of the same transaction.
1. Unless otherwise specified, the promotion period is from September 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021, both dates inclusive ("Promotion Period"). All Single Net Transactions (based on transaction dates, as defined in Clause 6) must be conducted during the Promotion Period.
2. Unless otherwise specified, this promotion applies to Cardholders ("Cardholders") of Citi Credit Cards issued by Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited (“Citibank”) (“Eligible Cards”). CSL Mobile Limited ("the Merchant") may reject an Eligible Card if its payment system cannot handle the Eligible Card type. Please contact the Merchant for details.
3. Unless otherwise specified, the offers are available at csl shops of CSL Mobile Limited.
4. Cardholders are required to make Single Net Transaction (based on transaction dates, as defined in Clause 6) on designated mobile handsets/ tablets/ notebooks (“Handset”) and / or / at the same time subscribe to designated Handset connection service plans and to settle payments through autopay services with the Eligible Cards during the Promotion Period to enjoy the offers.
5. If a Cardholder fails to use the Eligible Cards to make all relevant autopay payments and/or terminates the contract or the autopay service during the committed contract period, the offers will be forfeited. Citibank and the Merchant reserve the absolute right to charge the value of the offers without prior notices.
6. A "Single Net Transaction" refers to the posted retail purchase made with an Eligible Card at in a single transaction during the Promotion Period (based on transaction dates) for which original merchant sales receipts and credit card sales slips can be produced. This promotion applies to the final amount of the Single Net Transaction after deduction of all applicable discounts, reductions and value of cash vouchers. Other transactions, including but not limited to purchase of cash vouchers, or unposted/cancelled/refunded/falsified/unauthorized transactions are excluded.
7. The offers are available on designated Handset models or service plans which will be updated and subject to change from time to time. Please enquire with the Merchant for details.
8. The promotion is governed by these Terms and Conditions and other terms and conditions stipulated by the Merchant. Please enquire with the Merchant for details.
9. The offers are available on a first-come-first-served basis, while stock lasts.
10. Citibank will determine the eligibility of Cardholders to participate in this promotion as well as the transactions based on Citibank's records.
11. In case of any fraud/abuse/reversal or cancellation of transactions in respect of which the offers were awarded, Citibank reserves the right to debit from the Cardholder’s credit card account the equivalent amount of the offers without prior notice.
12. Cardholders’ accounts must be valid and with good credit record during the Promotion Period and the fulfillment period in order to be eligible to receive the offers, otherwise Citibank reserves the right to forfeit the offers without prior notice.
13 Cardholders must keep and submit the relevant original credit card sales slips and original merchant sales receipts and/or other documents in respect of the Single Net Transactions for inspection upon request by Citibank. All documents submitted to Citibank will not be returned.
14. Unless otherwise specified, this promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other special promotions, discounts or promotional coupons, nor be transferred or exchanged for cash or other offers.
15. Unless otherwise specified, the offers in this promotion can be used at the same time.
16. Unless otherwise specified, all amounts will be counted in Hong Kong Dollar.
17. Availability of the offers is subject to offer or service availability, account status checking and final acceptance by Citibank and the Merchant at their absolute discretion. Photos, product specifications and prices are for reference only.
18. Citibank shall not be responsible for any matters in relation to the related products or services. The Merchant is solely responsible for all obligations and liabilities relating to such products or services and all auxiliary services. Please contact the Merchant for details.
19. Citibank and the Merchant reserve the right to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice. All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision of Citibank and the Merchant.
20. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms & conditions, the English version shall prevail. " Standalone Handset Offer: Enjoy up to HKD600 Instant Discount (Offer 1)" Terms and Conditions:
21. During the Promotion Period, Cardholders are required to make Single Net Transaction (based on transaction dates, as defined in Clause 6) on designated handsets at csl shops with Eligible Cards to enjoy instant discount, details are as follows:
Single Net Transaction Amount on designated handsets (HK$) Instant Discount Amount (HK$)
3,000 – 5,499 150
5,500 – 7,499 300
7,500 or above 600
22. No registration is required. Split transactions will not be accepted.
23. During the Promotion Period, each Principal Cardholder (based on the unique Hong Kong Identity Card/ Passport number per Citibank’s record) (regardless of how many principal and supplementary cards are under Cardholder) can enjoy Offer 1 once only. If Cardholder earn Offer 1 more than once during the Promotion Period, Citibank will debit from the Cardholder's Eligible Card account the respective discrepancy of the discount amount on or before December 31, 2021 without prior notice. " 6-month Monthly Fee Rebate (Offer 2)" Terms and Conditions:
24. To qualify for 6-month monthly fee rebate, Cardholders are required to newly subscribe, port-in a number or existing customer upgrade and recontract to a designated 5G 80GB (or above) service plan and agree to a commitment period of 30 months with Eligible Cards. An administration fee of HKD18 per month applies. The rebate of six months’ service fee does not cover the HKD18 monthly administration fee, or cost of any value-added services subscribed to. The rebate of six months' service fee total amount will be credited to Cardholders’ csl accounts by installments during the 30-month commitment period.
25. Each newly-subscribing, port-in or recontracting number is entitled to the Offer 2 once only. " 5G Handset Bundle Service Plan Offer: Earn 2,000 Clubpoints (Offer 3)" Terms and Conditions:
26. To earn 2,000 Clubpoints, Cardholders are required to subscribe a designated iPhone series handset 8GB (or more) bundle service plan with designated value-added services to the value of at least HK$39 per month, and agreeing to a commitment period of 24 or 36 months with Eligible Cards. An MTR/Tunnels/Mobile Licence/Administration Fee of HK$18 per month applies to all plans.
27. Offer 2 and Offer 3 cannot be used in conjunction with each other. “New Now TV subscription Offer: Earn 2,000 Clubpoints (Offer 4)" Terms and Conditions:
28. The offer is applicable only to selected new Now TV customers.
29. Cardholders who subscribe to dedicated Special 2-pack Flexi Combo with 24 months commitment with Eligible Cards, can get 2,000 Clubpoints.
30. The offer is not available to Lamma Island customers.
31. Cardholders need to pay HD/SD connection Fee. HD service is available only to Now TV HD customers subscribing to designated channels/pack and paying the monthly HD Connection fee. HD Connection Service is available to customers whose Now TV installation address falls within HD coverage.
32. This offer is applicable to designated HKT customers only; Cardholders are required to present a valid mobile number, email address or account number under HKT services for verification. Now TV is provided by PCCW Media Limited and available in designated areas only. Now TV is a registered trademark of the PCCW Group. “Clubpoints" Terms and Conditions:
33. Cardholders must register and activate a membership account at The Club to earn Clubpoints, which will be credited to a member's account at The Club within around two to four weeks of the plan effective date of the relevant services. Calculation and redemption of Clubpoints are subject to relevant terms and conditions as dictated by Club HKT Limited. For details, please visit The Club's website at or call The Club's service hotline on 1833000.

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