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Roaming Tips

Become a roaming expert

Our roaming booklet provides info on mobile data and voice roaming plus other value-added services and useful tips.


1. Logon to an overseas network while roaming

While abroad, your mobile phone will select a network automatically. If your handset cannot connect to a local network, you can:
1. Power OFF and ON again.
2. Check handset setting to enable roaming: 

3. Go to "Setting" ->" Wireless and networks " ->" Mobile networks" -> choose "Network operators" -> your handset will list available networks -> then select a network

differ between handset models
(manual network selection operations differ between handset models, so please refer to the manufacturer's user guide).

**Remember to Power OFF the phone or turn on "Flight mode" when on an aircraft to avoid roaming problems after landing. 


2. Handset APN [Access Point Name] setting for data roaming

Overseas networks may not support data roaming if a user's handset APN setting is incorrect or missing. Normal APN setting is: mobile


3. Make IDD calls while roaming

Access codes [+] and country code must be enter when making IDD calls.


4. Avoid unnecessary roaming charges

Cancel conditional call-forwarding feature before leaving Hong Kong
Activating conditional call-forwarding (busy, unreachable and unanswered) to any Hong Kong numbers while roaming will involve two IDD call-routing trips and incur double roaming charges, which could be avoided by canceling the conditional call-forwarding feature (press [##002#SEND]) before leaving Hong Kong.

Lock the keypad
To avoid accidental calls and unnecessary roaming charges, please remember to lock your mobile phone's keypad after use.

Browsing WAP ( and assessing the Internet via mobile will incur data roaming charges
Free WAP ( and Internet browsing included in any local WAP & Mobile Data Service package is NOT applicable while roaming overseas. Using these services while roaming will incur data-roaming charges based on usage volume.

Disable data roaming and cancel automatic updates/downloads for mobile apps before roaming
Customers using smartphones with automatic updates activated to install applications or download email will experience frequent data usage. To avoid unwanted data roaming charges, customers should disable data roaming and all automatic application updates before leaving Hong Kong. Please click here for simple disablement steps on certain handset models.

Steps how to disable the roaming data function
Using a mobile data service overseas will incur roaming charges. If you need to disable a handset’s data feature, please refer to the following steps (procedures and options may vary according to handset design): 




5. Preventing handsets from switching to roaming while in Hong Kong

Customers can take the action outlined below to prevent handsets from switching to mainland China-based mobile networks while in Hong Kong, thereby incurring unnecessary roaming charges.

i) Temporarily suspend roaming service.

Dial short codes to suspend roaming service & resume roaming service before leaving Hong Kong

To suspend China roaming:
* 143 * 02 # Send  
To re-activate China roaming:
# 143 * 02 # Send  

ii) Use your handset’s "manual network selection" mode to select the csl mobile service network

Should you have any enquiries,please call our Customer Service Hotline on 25 123 123.

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