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Restart handset switching service

csl notice: The service provider of Restart Handset Switch Service that you have subscribed via us will be renamed from Reconnects to bolttech starting from 10, June, 2020. Rest assured the existing protection service, terms and conditions of your Restart Handset Switch Service will remain unchanged. If you have any enquiries, please visit or contact bolttech at 5803 2496 (Mon-Sat, 09:00 – 18:00 except public holidays).
Restart handset switching service
Restart handset switching service    
For Handset  with Original SRP of HK$4,000 or below
24/36 Months Plan
Month-to-Month Plan
For Handset with Original SRP of HK$4,001 - HK$11,000
24/36 Months Plan
Month-to-Month Plan
For Handset with Original SRP of HK$11,001 - HK$13,000 
24/36 Months Plan
Month-to-Month Plan
Apple Watch
24/36 Months Plan
Month-to-Month Plan
Restart Handset Switching Service Terms and Conditions
1. Restart Handset Switching Service (“Service”) is provided to you by Bolttech Device Protection Hong Kong Limited. You confirm to have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of Bolttech, which are provided together with this application form for the Service (“Restart Program Terms and Conditions”).
2. Application for the Service is subject to approval by Bolttech.
3. Upon approval, the Service commences from the service commencement date indicated by Bolttech in its confirmation to you
4. The Service is available only to HKID or passport holders who have subscribed to our post-paid services.
5. The Service is only applicable to designated handset or watch models.
6. To apply for the Service,
  • You must subscribe to designated mobile plans (“Designated Mobile Plans”) at the time of Service subscription; or
  • (You have an Eligible Handset or Watch.
7. Customer whom purchased designated standalone handsets/smartwatch from csl, 1O1O is entitled to a waiver of 12-month monthly fee of Restart service (“The Offer”), Restart monthly service fee is based on the suggested retail price of the mobile device/ smart watch, while:
  • The Offer runs from April 16th 2021 to Oct 31st 2021.
  • The Offer can enjoy both Club points and general net machine gifts (if applicable).
  • The Offer is applicable to installment purchases (must comply with installment terms).
  • The Offer is not applicable to the EPS discount offer.
  • The Offer is not applicable to the purchase of mobile device with Handset Coupon.
  • The Offer does not apply to employee price discounts.
  • The Offer is not applicable to The Club member discount offer.
  • The Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
  • Each Eligible Handset or Watch is limited to entitle to The Offer once only.
  • Non-csl/1O1O service plan customers, after purchasing the designated mobile device or smart watch at csl/1O1O, customer must obtain the promo code through csl. 5G AR Lens, then visit within 60 days from the purchase date to redeem the promote code. The Offer takes effect after redeeming the promo code successfully.
8. Eligible Handset or Watch means a handset which are
  • purchased from csl, 1O1O as a standalone handset /watch or a designated retailer within last 90 calendar days before you apply for the Service. You will be asked to provide the original invoice of the purchased Eligible Handset or Watch ; and
  • handset/ watch owned by you.
8. We will inspect the Eligible Handset to see if it meets some minimum requirements for the Service.
9. We will inspect the Eligible Handset to see if it meets some minimum requirements for the Service.
10. The Service allows you to switch your designated registered handset/watch for a replacement device (“Replacement Device”) during the Service period by paying to Bolttech a fee (“Switch Fee”) of 28% of the suggested retail price of your registered device prevailing at the time of your service application at csl/1O1O store (“Original SRP”). You will also be required to pay a monthly subscription fee (as set out in the application form) for the Service and “Restart Program Terms and Conditions” apply. For “related Bolttech Terms, please see “Restart Program Terms and Conditions”.
11. Each designated registered handset or watch may switch up to two (2) times of the same model or same generation and price range during each 12-month rolling period during the Service period. For the avoidance of doubt, no request for a switch will be accepted if you have made 2 switches within the 12 months immediately before your request.
12. The Replacement Device is supplied and delivered to you by Bolttech. CSL Mobile Limited (“CSL”) expressly disclaims any warranties or representations of any kind in relation to the Replacement Device (whether express or implied).
13. The Replacement Device does not come with the original packaging or any accessories. It is not guaranteed that the Replacement Device is of the same model or colour as your registered device.
14. CSL is not the supplier of the Service, and makes no representation or guarantee as to the quality of the Service provided by Bolttech. In case of any enquiry or dispute about the Service, please contact Bolttech directly on 58032496.
15. If you terminate the Service before the expiry of the commitment period for the Service, CSL will charge you early termination charges, which are the sum of the monthly fees for the Service for the remaining unexpired period.
16. The Service will terminate immediately when your Designated Mobile Plan is terminated by you or by CSL.
17. The General Terms and Conditions of CSL apply ( to the relationship between CSL and you in respect of the Designated Mobile Plan and the Service.
18. In the event of any discrepancies between the Chinese and English versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.
* If you do not hand in your registered device or fail to comply with “Restart Program Terms and Conditions” , Bolttech may charge you up to 72% of the Original SRP in addition to the Switch Fee. Bolttech may take a hold on your credit card at the time of the switch for the purposes of such additional charge.

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