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"KingKing" voice roaming service

KingKing voice roaming service is incompatible with Android OS 4.4 or older versions from Oct 28, 2020. If you need to use the service urgently, you could consider using a device running a newer version than Android OS 4.4 . For details, please call csl’s Customer Service Hotline on 2512 3123.

KingKing app will no longer be compatible to Windows Phone operating system from 25 February, 2019 and BlackBerry operating system from 1 March 2020. For Android and iOS and devices, Kingking service remains unchanged.

「KingKing 」Voice Roaming APP


Service introduction
The KingKing app is exclusive to csl subscribers and FREE(3)!

csl's "KingKing"(1)(2)(4)(5)(6) is a VoIP application, based on Wi-Fi connectivity, for use in Hong Kong and while you are abroad.  It offers FREE (3) voice call minutes for making outgoing calls to any Hong Kong number and receiving incoming calls from anywhere in the world. Above all, "KingKing" will save you huge voice roaming expense!

"KingKing" means:

Now use KingKing in Hong Kong

You can now use the full KingKing service via Wi-Fi connectivity here in Hong Kong! This allows you to get used to the user interface and app features before your trip. Download now to enjoy the convenience of KingKing!

If you need technical assistance, call our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline on 25 123 123.

ervice plan user Day Pass Charge Service included Making outgoing voice calls  toNon-Hong Kong phone numbers Send SMS
For monthly fee $149 or above and  the designated service plan. Free
  • Making outgoing voice calls to Hong Kong phone numbers
  • Receiving incoming voice calls from Anywhere around the world
  • Making outgoing / receiving video calls to other "KingKing" users
IDD charges SMS charge*
For monthly fee $148 or below service plan $8 / day

* SMS sent via KingKing when overseas will incur a charge as if you were in Hong Kong, resulting in a significant roaming cost saving. The charge will be calculated based on the SMS service (including intra/inter-network and international) provided by us as if you were in Hong Kong. KingKing does not facilitate receipt of SMS.

Applications Download(6)

Download(7) KingKing app for free now by:

1. Clicking on the icon to go to the "KingKing" app download platform, or

App Store googleplayicon

2. Or download the app at



1. KingKing service is only available to CSL Mobile Limited (香港移動通訊有限公司) subscribers and is provided to you under the terms and conditions of your mobile service contract and special conditions for KingKing service.
2. KingKing is compatible only with certain handsets. CSL Mobile Limited (香港移動通訊有限公司) cannot guarantee KingKing service performance on handset models not listed, nor call quality at every single Wi-Fi hotspot or any other place where Wi-Fi is available.
3. If you have subscribed to $148 or below Service Plan, we shall charge you HK$8 daily for your use of the KingKing Service from 00:00 to 23:59 Hong Kong time during the day. KingKing service charges will only occur while user has KingKing usage.IDD charges will apply if making calls to non-Hong Kong phone numbers, and local voice call minutes will be deducted/ charged for the duration of such a call during all calls. Charges for Wi-Fi connectivity and IDD charges (if any) are additional. If you use KingKing Service to send SMS, charges apply. The related charges will be calculated based on the SMS service (including intra-network/ inter-network/ international) provided by us as you are in Hong Kong.
4. KingKing supports video calls within KingKing community with selected handsets.
5. The KingKing Service can be used to make emergency calls or send emergency SMS messages (only for whom have registered for the emergency SMS service) in Hong Kong, but it should not be used to make any emergency calls or send emergency SMS to a local emergency centre while you are abroad.
6. Upon your use of the KingKing service, we shall use your csl’s mobile number for verifying your eligibility for the KingKing service, and for the billing of your use of the KingKing service in the corresponding CSL Mobile Limited (香港移動通訊有限公司) account by CSL Mobile Limited (香港移動通訊有限公司).
7. Download the application at, App Store or Blackberry World will incur local mobile data charge, while roaming data charge will incur in overseas.
8. SMS feature in KingKing is only available to Android / iOS version and supports sending SMS.
9. If you are using a device with more than one SIM slot, please note that King King only support SIM cards in primary SIM slot and is not compatible with eSIM.

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