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Handset Trade-In price

csl Trade-in services include mobile, tablets and smart watches. The following handsets / tablets / smart watches trade-in prices are for reference only.
Check the latest Trade-in prices, please choose device type, then select brand and model from the menu. For more detail on Standalone Handset Price, please click here.
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Please visit any csl shop or call 25 123 123 for up-to-date trade-in prices.

Terms & Conditions:

1.  Designated brands and models of handsets, tablets and smartwatches (“Designated Device”) for trade-in should include a battery and must function properly.
2. Trade-in prices will vary depending on the extent of damage to the Designated Device.
3. Customers trading in Designated Devices and subscribing to a new connection with a designated handset at suggested retail price HK$2,000 or more are entitled to a HK$300 rebate (depending on model being traded in).  The amount will be rebated to the customer’s csl account on the second month’s bill.
4. CSL Mobile Limited (“CSL”/”We”) will not trade-in any Designated Device that were not purchased from an authorized dealer or have been altered in any way.
5. Customer is responsible to ensure all personal data/photos of a Designated Device have been erased prior to trade in We will not be responsible for any loss, retrieval, restoration or transference of personal data from handsets, tablets and smartwatches being traded in.
6. Handsets, tablets and smartwatches being traded in cannot be reclaimed.
7. Trade-in prices are determined at the sole discretion of CSL.
8. We reserve the right to refuse trade-in of any Designated Device without reasons.
9.  We reserve the right of final discretion in the event of dispute.


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