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Enjoy 3 months' Netflix subscription
Enjoy 3 months' Netflix subscription
Enjoy 3 months' Netflix subscription      
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Netflix Value-Added Service Terms and Conditions
 ^ Actual resolution seen by customer will be affected by original video file format, device used, network conditions and other extraneous factors.
Terms and Conditions of Netflix service for csl customers:
 1. You must register for a new Netflix account in order to enjoy a single bill for csl and Netflix charges (the Service).
 2. If you use local mobile data to access the service, such data usage will be deducted from your monthly data entitlement or charged onto your account accordingly.
3. You can log into your Netflix account to manage your Netflix subscription.
 4. If you do not wish to continue your Netflix subscription, you may terminate your subscription via the Netflix website anytime with 7 days prior notice.
5. This Service is provided by Netflix International B.V. CSL Mobile Limited (“CSL”) does not exercise any editorial control over Netflix content and disclaims all liability and warranties for Netflix service and its content. Please visit for Netflix’s Terms of Use and to find out more about the Service.
 6. If there are any discrepancies between Chinese and English version of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.
7. In the event of dispute, CSL’s decision shall be final.
Netflix Direct Carrier Billing Service Terms & Conditions:
  1. Netflix Direct Carrier Billing Service (“Service”) is a billing service for designated personal customers of csl service plans (except Primary and Secondary student SIM Plans, personal-named business plans and pre-paid cards).
  2. The Service can only be used for designated purchases at Netflix Website ( or Netflix App (each “Netflix Purchase”).
  3. Netflix Purchases are made subject to the prevailing Netflix Terms and Conditions ( ).
  4. The Service can only be used to settle payment for Netflix Service Plans; the amounts for which will be billed through your csl monthly bill.
  5. The Service is subject to a monthly limit in any calendar month for each csl service plan as below. If Netflix customers’ purchase amount exceeds the monthly limit, Service will be suspended until next calendar month.
    Elapsed time since commencement of csl service plan subscription Customers( service fee payment by Autopay) Customers ( service fee payment not by Autopay)
    0 - 3 months HK$200 HK$100
    4 – 12 months HK$300 HK$200
    12months or more HK$500 HK$300
    CSL reserves the rights to update the spending limit regularly and without giving the customers any advance notice. The latest spending limit will be published on this website from time to time.
  6. Any use of the Service may incur data charges at the prevailing rate, and mobile data consumed will be deducted from subscription plan entitlements and charged at the prevailing rate thereafter. Standard roaming data charges apply if you use the Service overseas.
  7. The service provided by CSL Mobile Limited (“CSL”, “we”, “our”) serves only as a method of payment. CSL is not liable to customers for the Netflix Purchases, any refund request must follow Netflix’s refund policy. Please contact Netflix representative through Live Chat ( ) for any inquiries.
  8. CSL reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue the Service; or amend these Direct Carrier Billing Service Terms & Conditions at any time without notice. In the event of dispute, our decision shall be final.

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