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Service introduction

The Office-To-Go app enables you to process your documents on a mobile device. You can edit and save a document, auto-upload to a cloud storage platform and use eFax service. This means you can work anytime, anywhere with the utmost safety and convenience.

Office-To-Go brings together simple design with the following features in one app:


Service fee
Monthly Fee Service
Free Office-To-Go app
$49* Office-To-Go app with eFax service

Call our csl. product hotline on 2888 2123 (choose language then press 3) or visit any csl shop


Download app from

Search 「Office-To-Go」


User guide

1. Configure your cloud storage account

Press the "Settings" button in the top right-hand corner,Press "Set up/ Change cloud account" on settings page,Select the cloud account button and enter your account name and passwords, then press "Set as default".

2. Document scanning in HD

Press "Doc scanner" on main page, Press "Cam scanner " in the top right-hand corner,Use the camera to focus on a document or image, then press the "Shutter "button to capture.

The Office-To-Go app will process edge-detection and auto-trim after scanning,After auto-trim, you can edit your document/image and save as a PDF file.

3.PDF editing

Press "PDF Manager" on the main page,Press "Browse doc" button in the top right-hand corner ,Edit and save your PDF file by pressing the "Save" button.


Press the "Snap" button on the main page,Focus on an object and press the "Shutter" button,Photos or videos will then auto-save and be backed up to your cloud storage account.

5.Web-to-PDF conversion

Press "WEB to PDF" button on the main page,Enter the webpage address and press "Convert to PDF" button,After editing, press the "Finish" button .

6. eFax function

Press "FAX" button on the main page,Press the "New fax" button in the bottom left-hand corner and select the doc to faxm,Enter the fax number and message, then press the "Fax out" button.

A pop-up message will appear once you complete your send request,You can use this interface to browse your fax-in and fax-out docs.


Terms & conditions:

*This offer available for selective business customers with valid Business Registration Certificate via designated hotline and shops. The Office-To-Go app (Full version) with eFax service required to subscribe to this Service for a Commitment Period of 24 months. The above service not available to prepaid SIM-card users. Office-To-Go App with eFax service Monlthy fee as $49 per month (Commitment Period of 24 months) is compatible only with certain handsets models. Provision of this service is restricted by the terms of use of csl. The above information is subject to amendments without notice. CSL Mobile Limited reserves the right of final determination. Download the application from Google Play will incur local mobile data charge, while roaming data charge will incur in overseas. Installing and/or using the Office-To-Go app ("Office-To-Go") represents agreement between the user and program's owner, CSL Mobile Limited ("Company"). Users are also deemed to agree to comply with the general conditions of telecommunications services. (Telecommunications services in general conditions in www.hkcsl.com inspection) The Company does not assume any direct or indirect loss arising from use of this program or damage, foreseeable or otherwise, including indirect, consequential and special punitive damages. Users should clearly understand that use of this program is at their own risk. These service plans are applicable to business customers holding a valid business registration certificate and the Mobile Service shall be provided to you for purposes related to your trade or business only. The eFax Service ("eFax") is provided by Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited ("HKT") to the Customer for purposes related to the Customer’s trade or business only. Customer using the eFax in Office-To-Go shall constitute its agreement to be bound by all the term and conditions (i) Office-To-Go Terms & Conditions; (ii) the Special Conditions for Business Netvigator Service (available at http://www.biz.netvigator.com); and (iii) HKT General Conditions of Service (available at www.hkt.com/Terms+of+Use) . In case of inconsistency, the inconsistency will be resolved in the descending order of preference set out aforesaid. Office-To-Go lite version includes Doc Scanner, PDF Manager, Snap to Cloud and Web to PDF. Customer can upgrade to full version with eFax (10,000 outgoing eFax per month and dedicated eFax number to receive incoming fax (include 30MB eFax storage)). Maximum number of pages per out-going eFax is 50 pages.

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