Octopus Mobile Payment Service

Octopus Mobile Payment Service

Be the first to experience our exclusive free Octopus Mobile Payment Service, the first Octopus and SIM card 2 in 1, that enables shoppers to make purchases and check balance using a smartphone.

Purchase a designated handset from - and subscribe to - csl to get an Octopus Mobile SIM with HK$50 complimentary stored value.

Terms and Conditions: Octopus Mobile SIM with complimentary HK$50 stored value is available only while stocks last. By purchasing a designated handset model, customers can get a free NFC SIM (Octopus) (value HK$100) and waiver of the Octopus function activation fee (value HK$100). The promotion lasts until further notice. Octopus Mobile Payment Service is applicable only to PCCW-HKT mobile service customers and designated handset models. The promotion is subject to relevant Terms and Conditions. For details, please visit http://e.hkcsl.com/octopusmp.


How Octopus Mobile SIM make your life more convenient?


Easy to check your balance and transactions!

Simply download the “Octopus” app from Google Play, you can then use your smartphone to check your last 40 transactions and remaining balance.

Remaining value can be shown on user' s home screen for easy review User can simply check the last 40 transactions

Remaining value can be shown on widget for easy review

User can simply check the last 40 transactions


Using Octopus Mobile Payment requires:
Octopus Mobile Payment
  • NFC handset tested by Octopus Company Limited
  • NFC SIM (Octopus)


Designated handsets included:
Brand Handset Model
Sony Xperia™ Z2
Xperia™ Z1 Compact
Xperia™ T2 Ultra
Xperia™ Z1
Xperia™ Z Ultra 4G LTE+
Xperia™ Z Ultra
Xperia™ ZR
Xperia™ Z
Xperia™ V
Xperia™ TX
Xperia™ SP
Xperia™ M2
Xperia™ L
LG [New] G3
G Pro 2
G2 Mini
G Pro
Samsung [New] GALAXY Grand 2
Note 2 LTE
S3 3G


NFC detection area

For details regarding the Octopus function of the SIM as provided by Octopus Cards Limited, please click here for the Terms and Conditions, Dos and Don’ts prepared by Octopus Cards Limited.

General Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the Near Field Communications (NFC)  mobile payment service ("MP Service") to be provided by CSL Mobile Limited ("Company")

1. Upon successful application of the MP Service, the Company shall provide the Customer with a special NFC-enabled SIM card ("SIM") with an assigned mobile number ("Mobile Number") registered under the Customer’s account. The Company shall not be responsible for any matters arising from dealings between the Customer and the financial institution or any other persons.  By accepting these terms, the Customer authorizes the Company to, from time to time, release information to financial institution about the current status of the Customer’s account.  The information to be released include information relating to:

(i) activation, termination, suspension and resumption of mobile service of the Customer’s account under which the MP Service is registered;

(ii) reported loss of the SIM or of a mobile device with the SIM installed, or replacement of the SIM; and

(iii) new Mobile Number(s) assigned in the event of any change of the Mobile Number. ("Service Status")

2. The Customer shall:

(a) use a compatible mobile device as specified by financial institution at all times;

(b) read and abide by all terms and conditions of the financial institution;

(c) in the event of loss or replacement of the SIM, report the incident to the Company according to the reporting procedures. For Octopus function, please click here for Terms and Conditions, Dos and Don’ts prepared by Octopus Cards Limited

(d) follow all security precautions and guidelines in relation to the NFC payment arrangement issued by financial institution and any other regulatory authorities (if applicable) from time to time; and

(e) pay all fees, charges and expenses (if any) which may be imposed by Financial institution from time to time in relation to the NFC payment arrangement.

3. The Company may charge the Customer a reasonable fee for activation of the NFC mobile payment service in the SIM and for replacement of the SIM.

4. The Company shall not be held liable for any loss suffered or incurred by the Customer or any other person arising from the use of the MP Service and any NFC payment arrangement, including but not limited to the following circumstances:

(a) any unauthorized use of the MP Service or loss of SIM or mobile device with the SIM installed;

(b) any failure to follow the security precautions and guidelines issued in relation to the NFC payment arrangement;

(c) use of mobile devices that are not compatible with the MP Service; and

(d) any dispute between or issues arising from dealings between the Customer and the financial institution.

5. In the event of termination of mobile service with the Company, the Customer shall contact the financial institution directly to arrange for cancellation of NFC payment service on the SIM and to arrange for refund of any remaining value in the SIM in accordance with the terms and conditions of the financial institution.

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