Super HD Pass

csl offers the Super HD Pass, providing super HD quality viewing (720p or 1080p)# with razor-sharp images, enriched color and crystal clear subtitles-a sensational HD-on-mobile video experience.

Monthly fee $28

Channels supporting Super HD Pass:

More Now TV channels will soon support Super HD Pass. Stay tune with us.


How to subscribe:

Method(1) Via WAP

Access, then choose channels which supporting HD Pass and click 720p or 1080p to enter the subscription page.

Method(2) Via BPL Channel App

1. 於Google Play搜查   2. 打開應用程式,點擊頻道之後選擇畫像質素即可欣賞  
1. Open the app and choose channels.   2. Choose "Super HD (1080p)" to enter the subscription page.



  • Call csl hotline 2888 2123 or
  • Call our Consumer Service Hotline on 25 123 123 or
  • Visit any csl shop


# Depending on the HD picture quality delivered by an individual video channel

  • Windows Phone 8 device temporarily does not support "Super HD Pass" service.
  • This service is charged on a monthly basis. To terminate the service subscribed to, please call our Consumer Service Hotline on 25 123 123.
  • Watching live channel streaming will incur mobile data charges. Utilized data usage will be deducted from the entitlement of a subscriber's monthly data service plan.
  • 720p & 1080p HD video streaming is applicable only to handset models that support HD video streaming. For details, please contact your handset manufacturer.
  • Video quality depends on the quality of the signal received. Some locations might not be provided with a stable signal, which could lead to reception problems. If this persists, please check your mobile data service settings.

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