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Super HD Pass

csl offers the Super HD Pass, providing super HD quality viewing (720p or 1080p)# with razor-sharp images, enriched color and crystal clear subtitles-a sensational HD-on-mobile video experience.

Monthly fee $28

Channels supporting Super HD Pass:

More Now TV channels will soon support Super HD Pass. Stay tune with us.


How to subscribe:

Method (1) - Via WAP

Access, then choose channels which supporting HD Pass and click 720p or 1080p to enter the subscription page.

Method (2) - Via BPL Channel App

1. 於Google Play搜查   2. 打開應用程式,點擊頻道之後選擇畫像質素即可欣賞  
1. Open the app and choose channels.   2. Choose "Super HD (1080p)" to enter the subscription page.


Method (3)


# Depending on the HD picture quality delivered by an individual video channel

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