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Tinder Subscription Plan
Tinder Subscription Plan
Tinder Subscription Plan Tinder Subscription Plan
Tinder Subscription Plan
Subscription flow
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1) Choose subscription plan.   2) Enter your csl Direct Carrier Billing Service mobile number to get a one-time password.   3) Click “Subscribe” to confirm payment. Existing Tinder users : click “Open Tinder” to activate subscription. New users : click a link in the SMS received to activate subscription.
Tinder Subscription Plan
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Terms & Conditions:
Waiver of data charge does not cover downloading, updating the Tinder app or video calling.
This service is for designated personal customers who are aged 18 or above subscribing to csl service plans (including but not limited to all SIM cards of MUP Plan except U-Plan and pre-paid card subscribers).
After the initial subscription expires, your subscription will be automatically renewed by Tinder at prevailing fee determined by Tinder until you terminate your subscription via Tinder.
How to pay for Tinder Products with monthly csl bills?
  To pay for Tinder Products with monthly csl bills, you will have to subscribe to your Tinder subscriptions via Tinder’s authorized agent, Fortumo, a third party subscription platform not operated by csl (the “Third Party Subscription Website”) and elect to pay with monthly csl bills.  The Third Party Subscription Website is operated and owned by Fortumo. The Tinder subscription is provided to you by Tinder. CSL only provides the billing services. In using the Third Party Subscription Website, you agree and acknowledge that certain personal data (such as your phone number, Tinder purchase request and subscription status) will be made known to Fortumo and Tinder.
  After successfully purchasing your subscriptions at the Third Party Subscription Website, you will receive an activation code from Tinder.  You must apply the activation code in the Tinder mobile app in Hong Kong within 30 days of receipt of the activation code.  You cannot apply the activation code until after expiry of any pre-existing Tinder subscriptions. For product-related enquiries about Tinder,  please contact  For billing-related enquiries, please contact 25123123 and
(A)Tinder Direct Carrier Billing Service Terms & Conditions:
1.  By using CSL billing Service for Tinder (“Billing Service”), you can settle payments for designated Tinder products (“Tinder Products”) with your CSL monthly bill.
2.  You understand and acknowledge Tinder Products are provided by Tinder.
3.  You further understand and acknowledge that CSL Mobile Limited (“CSL”) only act as a billing agent for Tinder in relation to Tinder Products. CSL is not the provider or seller of Tinder Products. CSL makes no representation or guarantee as to any aspects of Tinder Products and accepts no responsibility and liability for any matters arising from or in relation to the same.
4.  The Billing Service is only applicable to designated csl postpaid customers who (i) are 18 or above, and (ii) purchase Tinder Products at Tinder via a third party subscription webpage (the “Third Party Subscription Page”) designated by Tinder.
5.  The Third Party Subscription Page is operated and owned by Fortumo, the authorized agent of Tinder. You acknowledge that (i) csl is not the operator of the Third Party Subscription Page, and (ii) csl wil not be liable for the content of the Third Party Subscription Page or the acts, omission or negligence of Tinder or Fortumo.
6.  The Service is subject to a monthly limit in any calendar month for each service plan as below:
Duration of subscription to csl service plan Customers paying service fee by Autopay Customers not paying service fee by Autopay
0 – 3 months HK$500 HK$300
4 – 12 months HK$700 HK$500
12 or more months HK$700 HK$700
7.  If a customer’s purchase amount exceeds the monthly limit, payment shall not be settled using this service.
8.  csl reserves the right to update the spending limit, as and when deemed necessary, and without giving customers any notice. The latest spending limit will be published at csl’s website periodically.
9.  Tinder subscriptions will be automatically renewed by Tinder  until terminated or cancelled by you. If  you need to stop using Billing Service, please unsubscribe via the link attached in the confirmation SMS  . 
10.  CSL shall not be responsible for any disputes in relation to the Tinder Products. In case of any Product-related enquiries, please contact Tinder at
11.  CSL reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.
12.  In the event of any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions herein, CSL’s decision shall be final.
(B)Tinder hassle-free local data terms and conditions
1.  Waiver of data charge does not cover downloading, updating the Tinder app or video calling.
2.  IP lists in respect of local data charge waivers are provided by Tinder. csl will not be held responsible for any kind of loss, if IP changes made by Tinder prevent the customer from taking advantage of a waiver of data charge.
3.  Standard roaming data charges apply while using the service overseas.

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