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Viu is a locally-based mobile platform providing the latest TV dramas from geographies such as South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and mainland China, as well as entertainment programming and Japanese animation – all carrying traditional Chinese subtitles. Korean TV dramas become available from Viu as soon as just four hours after initial home country broadcast, while other content can be accessed after 24 hours.

24-hour sales hotline: 2888 2123 (Press 1 > 2)


Upgrade features for Viu Premium Service users:

•   Unlimited video downloads
•   Full HD resolution
•   Advertisement-free for duration of video
•   Big screen function

Subscribe to the Capacity Data Package to
get FREE Viu Premium ServiceƱ
Get hassle-free mobile Internet access to video episode download and
watch Korean dramas in HD, along with variety shows, Japanese dramas and animation content.
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Latest drama include
Chinese and Taiwanese drama

Only Side by Side with You


   dsf cross
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Cross


K-variety J-drama J-animation  
我們結婚了 Die Hard Dragon Ball Shinchan
We Got Married Die Hard Dragon Ball Black Clover

Other programs include Infinite Challenge (K-variety), The Black Leather Notebook (J-drama) and Fullmetal Alchemist (J-animation).


How to use

Enjoy TV dramas in full HD resolution by completing the following three steps:

Step 1: Download the Viu app from the App Store or Google Play.

Viu     Available on the App Store (iOS 9.0 or above)
Androd app on Google play (Android 4.1 or above)

Step 2: Register for Viu free membership and login

step1     step2 step3
1. Open the Viu app and choose to login for free membership via email or Facebook.   2. You can register for free membership, if you are not yet a member.


Step 3: Upgrade to Viu Premium 

step4 step5
1. After login, you can upgrade to Viu Premium at the Viu app settings page in the top left-hand corner of Viu’s homepage.


step6     step7
2. Enter your csl mobile number then press login.   3. Enjoy all programs in full HD video quality.


Service charge
Charge type Price
Month-to-month rate $18/month
Monthly Rate within Commitment Period $8/month#
Data pass bundle offer

Including Viu Premium Service and mobile data consumption when watching or downloading videos using the Viu app

# Customer is required to subscribe to 12-month or longer commitment period. Offer is valid till June 30, 2018.
^ Customer is required to subscribe to 12-month or longer commitment period. The local Mobile Data usage included in the Service can be used for browsing, downloading and viewing videos within the Viu App only. The Mobile Data usage for viewing of video advertisement broadcasted in the Viu App, accessing or downloading content from other websites (such as banner advertisement) or/and any other websites (for example, advertisement from third party) redirecting from the Viu App will be deducted from your Service Plan.


Viu Premium Service (“the Service”) Terms and Conditions:
  • Offers unlimited video episode download, Full HD video streaming and no video ads in the middle of videos played (if applicable) on the Viu App. Downloaded videos can be retained by the Viu app for 7 days only.
  • The quality of downloaded videos from the Viu App is SD (standard definition) on smartphones and HD on tablets.
  • The Service is provided by PCCW OTT (Hong Kong) Limited and is provided pursuant to the Viu terms and conditions set out in
  • The Service is provided to csl customers who subscribed for mobile service plans with data. To utilize the Service, you are required to subscribe for the Service and download and successfully install the Viu app from Google Play or App Store through eligible mobile devices.
  • The Service is available in Chinese and with Chinese subtitles, and some content also has English subtitles.
  • If you are using local mobile data to access to the Service, the utilized data usage will be deducted from the entitlement of your csl plan. You will have to top up charges if your usage exceeds your monthly entitlements.
  • The customer shall not, or permit any other person to sell, reproduce, copy, distribute, broadcast, transmit, re-transmit, modify, exploit the Services or any of its contents by any means or reverse engineer any content consisting of downloadable software.
  • The Service’s programs and content are only for the customer’s personal viewing and access. The customer shall not, or permit any other person to show, play, use, access or view the Service and its content for any public or commercial purpose in any place.
  • PCCW OTT (Hong Kong) Limited reserves the right to edit, change, withdraw and/or withhold any Viu programs or content on the Service at any time without notice and for any reason.
  • The use and the provision of the Service are governed by the relevant terms and conditions of the Service by PCCW OTT (Hong Kong) Limited ( and CSL Mobile Limited (, as amended from time to time. The customer shall be deemed to have agreed to and be bound by such terms and conditions of Service upon the downloading and opening of the Viu App.
  • Video quality depends on customer’s mobile device, service location, network coverage and usage.
  • CSL Mobile Limited is not the provider of the Service and hence CSL Mobile Limited does not provide any representations or warranties regarding the Service.
  • The customer acknowledges that should the customer subscribe for the Service via CSL Mobile Limited, CSL Mobile Limited shall act as the billing agent to bill the customer for the use of the Service and shall receive from the customer the fees for the Service.
  • The customer’s subscription for the Service will form part of the Mobile Service Agreement for the csl between us which you have signed.

Ʊ Customers can get free monthly fee of Viu Premium Service by applying for the Capacity Data Package, expiry of which will terminate the free service.


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