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CAT S42 H+

Suggested Retail Price: $2,588

Key Feature:
Hygienic. Can be repeatedly submerged and scrubbed with hot water and soap
Mil Spec 810H. Drop-proof, dust and shockproof – our smart phones are made of the strongest stuff, both inside and out
IP69 highest waterproof and dustproof level, can withstand continuous high pressure water jet impact of 80ºC water temperature and 100Bar water pressure for 2 minutes, high temperature jet spray, steam cleaning or washing.
H+ is “Hygiene+” because mobile phones often touch the face, after H+ treatment, it can reduce the spread of bacteria from the surface of the mobile phone and spread to the skin, achieving an anti-bacterial effect.
Faster connectivity. With Mediatek Helio A20 Quadcore 1.8GHz processor
4200mAh Battery. Up to two days general use
Super Bright 5.5” HD display. Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 touchscreen - scratch-resistant and ultra-bright for reading even in direct sunlight
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