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China HK 1-Card-2-Number

(effective before August 3, 2022)

China HK 1-Card-2-Number

We are proud to launch the China HK 1-Card-2-Number service. It’s so easy to use both Hong Kong and China numbers to manage calls and SMS in the two geographies using just one SIM card. In addition, you can enjoy mobile data service to manage emails and share photos instantly.

Importance notice:  True Identity Registration required for using China mobile numbers

With China HK 1-Card-2-Number,
China HK 1-Card-2-Number Service Plan
Monthly fee $78^
Voice call minutes Include 20 mins/mth,
thereafter charge: $0.98/min
• (only applicable to receiving calls and making calls to
HK / China numbers in special zones#)
Mobile data roaming charge in China:  $10.2/MB
  • Mobile data**
With China HK 1-Card-2-Number,
Other charges In 1-Card-2-Number special zones# Rest of China
Incoming calls (per minute) Include 20 mins/mth,
thereafter charge: $0.98/min
$5/ min
  • Receiving by your HK / China number
Outgoing calls (per minute)
  • To HK and China number
  • To numbers of other countries
Standard roaming charges
SMS (per SMS)    
  • Receiving (by HK/China number)
Free Free
  • Sending to HK number
Standard roaming SMS charge +
intra/ inter SMS charge
  • Sending to China or other countries number
Standard roaming SMS charge +
international SMS charge

^ You are required to subscribe for a Minimum Contract Period for 12 months in order to enjoy the service at this fee.
# Special zones cover Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong province (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Fuoshan, Zhuhai, Shaoguan, Dongguan, Zhanjiang, Zhongshan, Zhaoqing, Huizhou, Shantou, Jiangmen, Shunde, Jieyang,Chaozhou, Meizhou, Qingyuan, Maoming, Yangjiang, Heyuan and Shanwei, etc.)
** Mobile data service covers all China. $78/month offer: $0.01/KB; usage rounded up to the nearest 1KB.

Charging and Terms of Use:
  1. Customer of "China HK 1-Card-2-Number" will be allocated a China secondary number (provided by China Unicom), in addition to the local primary mobile number (provided by csl). The China secondary number belongs to China Unicom and is subject to PRC rules and regulations.
  2. The China HK 1-Card-2-Number monthly fee includes 20 minutes airtime entitlement for receiving incoming call and making outgoing call to Hong Kong/China numbers in the Special zones (Guangdong, Beijing or Shanghai only). Thereafter charge is HK$0.98 per minute.
  3. A HK$5 per minute charge applies to all incoming and outgoing calls to Hong Kong/China numbers made outside of the Special zones.
  4. A HK$0.98 per minute extra charge "Outside Region Connection Fee" applies to all incoming calls received via the China secondary number made outside of China Unicom's network coverage.
  5. The roaming data service charge in China is HK$0.01/KB.
  6. The Customer can only connect to China Unicom's network in China and will be subject to the relevant roaming charges. Apart from the specified tariff or charges, other services will be calculated according to standard roaming charges.
  7. Standard roaming charges are applied to using voice, call forwarding, sending SMS, MMS and mobile data or other data services outside of Hong Kong.
  8. The China secondary number will be displayed when the Customer makes a call in the special zones of the mainland. The Hong Kong primary number will be displayed when the Customer makes calls outside the special zones. The Hong Kong primary number will be shown when sending SMS irrespective of the territory.
  9. If the Customer changes the China secondary number for any reason, the Customer is required to pay for the related charges for new China secondary number. The original China secondary number must be surrendered.
  10. The forward to voicemail function is not applicable to the China secondary number when the customer is in the mainland.
  11. For other charging details, please contact csl customer service hotline.
  12. CSL Mobile Limited 香港移動通訊有限公司 reserves the right to vary the charging and terms of use.

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