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中港一卡兩號 - 服務特點
  1. 5G Data Roaming Service:5G Data Roaming Service is only applicable to csl 5G service plan customers or csl service plan customers who are enabled to access to csl 5G network service.Customer must register and activate IDD, roaming service, data roaming pass, and use designated compatible 5G device with specified system version in order to use 5G roaming indesignated areas with designated networks.For details, please visit
  22.. 5G Data Roaming service may not completely cover all locations within the periphery, depending on performance of 5G networks run by local operators.Roaming service will automatically switch to 4G LTE, or other technologies, in locations not covered by a 5G network.
  3. Monthly fee $49 package includes 30 minutes entitlement, monthly fee $69 package includes 60 minutes entitlement, for receiving incoming call and making outgoing call to Hong Kong/China numbers in mainland China. Thereafter charge is HK$0.50 per minute. Call charges are calculated on a 1-minute incremental basis. Any usage of less than 1 minute will be counted as 1 minute.
  4. A HK$0.50 per minute extra charge “Outside Region Connection Fee" applies to all incoming calls received via the China secondary number made outside of China Unicom's network coverage.
  5. Monthly fee $49 package includes 1GB China and Macau Roaming Data, monthly fee $69 package includes 3GB China and Macau Roaming Data, for data usage in mainland China and Macau.
  6. Any unused usage cannot be carried forward to the next bill month and will be forfeited at the end of each bill month.
  7. If customers have other mainland China Data Roaming Package (included shareable and non- shareable) and / or Greater China Data Roaming Package, data roaming usage in mainland China will be deducted from non-shareable mainland China Data Roaming Package first, then it will be deducted from this package, then it will be deducted from Greater China Data Roaming Package. After that, it will be deducted from shareable mainland China Data Roaming Package. Customer may choose use other Roaming Package (if any) or Data Roaming Pass for continued use of dataroaming service (roaming charges apply). For service details and charges of Data Roaming Pass, visit
  8. The Service is available to selected personal account customers of csl who have activated IDD roaming service, Data Roaming Pass service and is subject to the Special Terms and Conditions of related services. Please visit for details.
  9. If customers terminate the Service before the expiry of the Commitment Period, CSL would charge the customers the early termination charges which are the sum of the monthly fee of the Service for the remaining period.
  10. In the event of any discrepancies between Chinese and English versions, the English version shall prevail.
Important Notice - True identity registration required for using China mobile number
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Special Terms and Conditions for the mainland China secondary number under China HK 1-Card-2-Number Service:
1. By using the China HK 1-Card-2-Number Service (the “Service”), you will be allocated a mainland China secondary number alongside with a local primary mobile number.
2. The mainland China secondary number is provided to you by [China United Network Communications Corporation Limited] (“China Unicom”) in accordance with:
  i.    The Terms and conditions of  China Unicom and;
  ii.   Applicable rules, laws and regulations in mainland China, including but not limited to the True Identity Registration.  For details of the True Identity Registration, please refer to above link "Importance notice: True Identity Registration required for using China mobile numbers".
3. You can only connect to China Unicom's mobile network when you are in mainland China.
4. Roaming and IDD charges apply when you use mobile services outside Hong Kong.  For details, please refer to the tariff table above.  Please note that the tariff may be varied by us from time to time without prior notice.
5. Standard roaming and IDD charges apply when you use mobile services outside Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and mainland China.
6. For local charges, please refer to the fees and charges of the Service you subscribed to.
7. When using supporting handset for VoLTE and connect to VoLTE network, your mainland China secondary number will be displayed when the Customer makes a call or send a SMS to mainland China number, otherwise your Hong Kong primary number will be displayed. Your Hong Kong primary number will be shown when sending MMS via the Service.
8. You agree that you do not acquire any rights in your mainland China secondary number and your mainland secondary number cannot be ported to any other network.  In case your Service is terminated for whatever reason, your mainland China secondary number will be terminated and surrendered forthwith.。
9. In the event you terminate the Service but wish to continue to our other mobile services, you must return to us your SIM card under the Service so it may be replaced with another SIM card.
10. If the Customer changes the China secondary number for any reason, the Customer is required to pay for the related charges for new China secondary number. The original China secondary number must be surrendered.
11. The forward to voicemail function is not applicable to the mainland China secondary number when you are in the mainland China.
12. The Service is subject to the terms and conditions of our Mobile Service Agreement.
13. CSL Mobile Limited ("CSL") reserves the right to vary these Special Terms and Conditions from time to time.  In case of any dispute, the decision of CSL is final.
14. In the event of any discrepancies between Chinese and English versions, the English version shall prevail.

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