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$1000 Prepaid SIM (Now rebranded to csl)


Card Features
$1000 儲值卡 (現已改為csl 品牌) •    Longest validity in town - 2 years
•    10,000 local call minutes
•    Waive Mobile Service Licence and Administration Fee

Local Call Flat Rate $0.1/min

Enjoy Mobile Broadband Pass as low as $8/hour

International Roaming covers countries/ destinations including China, Macau, Japan, Taiwan, etc.

Free Local & Roaming Caller Number Display, Call Waiting & Info Channel Services

Free to receive MMS

  * Local airtime charges applies


How to Use
1. Activate the SIM Card
By making or receiving the first call or sending the first short message to activate this card. Please activate this Card before the expiry date shown on card packaging*.
* For overseas use, you are recommended to activate the card in Hong Kong before departure.
2. IDD Service
Made an IDD call:
Country Code
Area Code
Tel No.
3. Roaming Service
I. Direct Dial Roaming (Applicable to China Mobile network)
Calling Hong Kong
Hong Kong Tel No.
e.g. Call one2free Prepaid SIM Card hotline from Guangzhou, China
Dial: +852 179179
Making Local Calls*
Area Code
China Tel No.
e.g. Call Beijing from Guangzhou, China
Dial: 0 10 (Beijing Tel No.)
Making Calls to Other Countries
Country Code
Area Code
Tel No.
e.g. Call London, UK from Guangzhou, China
Dial: +44 20 (London Tel No.)
Note: If Direct Dial Roaming Service cannot be used, please use service.
* No need to key in area code when calling China mobile phone no.
(Applicable to other areas & networks)
Calling Hong Kong
Hong Kong Tel No.
(No need to key in Hong Kong area code)
e.g. Call one2free Prepaid SIM Card hotline from UK
Dial: * 108 * 179 179 #
e.g. Call Beijing, China from UK
Dial: * 108 * 001 86 10 (Beijing Tel No.) #
After pressing the above keys, a waiting message will be displayed on your handset screen.Wait and the system will ring you up shortly. Once answered, you will be connected to the calling party.
Note: You need to maintain a minimum stored-value balance of $12.5 in order to make / receive call overseas.
User Guide:


Services Charges
(Deducted immediately from the stored-value)
Calls and Features
Local call:
IDD call1:

IDD 1718 / IDD 001 charges + local airtime charges1

Roaming Service:

China and other countries charges

Local Caller Number Display:
Free of charge
Roaming Caller Number Display:
Free of charge
Call Waiting2:
Free of charge
All Card Forwarding:
$0.1/forwarded min
Short Message Service (SMS)
Local SMS:
To CSL Users3: $0.2/SMS
To other local users: $0.8/SMS
International SMS (sent from HK):
To China: $1/SMS
To other countries: $3/SMS
Roaming SMS:
$3/SMS (sent to HK and other countries)
Note: You can send outgoing SMS during roaming in23 destinations and, but still unable to send outgoing SMS in other countries, but you are still able to receive incoming SMS.
To local mobile number/email: $1/MMS
To overseas mobile number: $3/MMS
Value-added Services
Mobile Data5:
USSD Subscription through Handsets
30-Day Pass5– 300MB
$38/ 30 Days
30-Day Pass5– 1GB
$88/ 30 Days
Hourly Pass6#
$8 / hour
Day Pass7#
$28 / day
7-Day Pass8#
$78 / 7-day
Information Download:
Mass Calling:
$1/call + local airtime charge
Infoline <90060XXXXXX>:
$1/5 sec. + local airtime charge / 5 sec.
Government license and administration fee:
$2.5/30days9(Power Prepaid SIM Card)
Free (HK$1,000 Prepaid SIM Card)
180 days (Power Prepaid SIM Card)
730 days (HK$1,000 Prepaid SIM Card)
Maximum stored-value limit:
$5,000 (Power Prepaid SIM Card)
$10,000 (HK$1,000 Prepaid SIM Card)
# After you have reached 15GB of mobile data usage (the monthly fair usage level per calendar month), you can still continue to use the service. However, your network specification will be lowered to 128kbps. CSL Mobile Limited complies with OFCA’s Guidelines for the Implementation of Fair Usage Policy for the Provision of Mobile and Fixed Broadband Services and will not at any time cap your data network specification below 128kbps. You will receive an SMS notification once you have reached 15GB and the fair usage policy is in place. Actual speeds that customers experience are considerably less than the specifications and will be affected by the device used, locations, network conditions and other extraneous factors.
* You may subscribe to multiple 30-day data passes simultaneously and the Local Mobile Data usage entitlements will be accumulated. The validity period of the data service passes will be counted from the time you subscribe to the last data pass.
1. For IDD calls, local airtime charge applies in addition to IDD charges and these charges are calculated on a per minute basis.
2. Call charges apply to all calls connected.
3. Applicable to one2free prepaid customers, PCCW-HKT prepaid customers, 1O1O, csl and New World Mobility customers only. only.
4. Services can only be used locally.
5. Hourly Pass includes a continuous 60-minute session upon your subscription.
6. Day Pass includes a continuous 24-hour session upon your subscription.
7. 7-Day Pass includes a continuous 168-hour session upon your subscription.
8. Mobile Service License and Administration Fee is waived once you activate this Prepaid SIM Card.
9. Validity of this SIM will be extended for 730 days from the date of recharge upon single recharge of HK$50 or above.
10. Not applicable to CSL Mobile Broadband Prepaid SIM.
Terms and Conditions apply.


Value-added Services


1. SMS Service
2. MMS Service
3. Info Channel Service
1. SMS Service
How to use
SMS Service
Local SMS:
Compose message in the handset and send to your family and friends.

International SMS:
if you are using International SMS, please key in [+] [Country code] before entering mobile phone no.
(Wordings: Chinese-70 characters / English -160 alphabets)
->Before using the short message service, please set the message center first: +852 9028 8000


2. MMS Service
Exchange MMS with tailor-made images & voice with beloved relatives & friends.

 How to Send:

  Capture an image / Select an image for sharing. You can also insert sound clip to the MMS
  Send to local mobile phone number:
  Key, choose Send via Multimedia  
, enter
Recipient’s mobile no.
  Send to overseas mobile no.:
When sending MMS, input  
Country / Area Code
Recipient’s mobile no.
  Send to email account:
key, choose
Send via Email
, enter
Recipient’s email account

Get start (for first time users):

  1. Subscribe GPRS
[Select language (if applicable)]
to subscribe
  2. Set up Handset Profile
(a) Nokia or Sony Ericsson handsets
Save the set up message for handset configuration (Input PIN number  
if applicable)
(b) Customers using other handset models: Please refer to below details for manual setting

GPRS Profile

Click in navigation browser and create a new web sett ing profile:
Setting name
Session mode
CSL Prepaid GPRS
Connection security off
GPRS access point cslp1

roxy address
Login type Automatic
username  Leave it blank
Password  Leave it blank

MMS Profile

Click in Messaging Setting and create a new MMS profile:

Setting name CSL Prepaid GPRS


Session mode


GPRS access point


IP address
Authentication type Normal
username Leave it blank
Password Leave it blank

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