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Voice Mail Service

With our Voice Mail Service, you can enjoy flexibility when managing your incoming calls. You will get a SMS alert whenever you get a new voice mail and you can store up to 10 voice mails in your Voice Mail Box.

To apply, call 179 179 with your handset now!

>> To activate and set up your Voice Mail Box after applying for this service:
        Dial *988 with your handset and follow the instructions to:

•Select language
•Set your Password (1-10 digits) (for voice mail retrieval through any fixed-line phones other than your mobile handset)
•Set your greeting(s)
•Select language for SMS alerts (Default English)

To forward all incoming calls to Voice Mail Box

>> To listen to your voice mail via:

Your mobile handset: Dial *988
Any fixed line phones: Dial 9886 6622 and key in your Password


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