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Data Roaming Day Pass


Step 1Login csl app. Go to “My Page”
then select “Roaming”
Step 2Select “Purchase Day Pass Package”
Step 3Select Roaming Destination
Step 4Select number of days
Step 5Confirm Selected Package
Step 6Activate after departure and enjoy data roaming
Step 1Select Roaming Pass
Step 2Selected 24-hour Pass or Top- up Pass
Step 3Confirm purchase
Step 4Enjoy data roaming and check remaining time
Step 1Data Roaming > Day Pass Usage Records
Step 2Select time period to view the Data roaming history
Step 1Roaming Service > Roaming Status > Coupon Status
Step 2View the number of used and available coupons
  • To enjoy 5G roaming service, you must:
  • There is no additional charge for 5G data roaming service, which is the same as current Data Roaming Day Pass. If csl 5G customer that meets above conditions has applicable data roaming packages in the designated destinations (including Data Roaming Day Pass Promotion Package, Data Roaming Day Pass Monthly Plan, Voice & Data Roaming Day Pass Monthly Plan, Mainland China Data Roaming Package & Greater China Data Roaming Package etc.), you can also experience 5G data roaming services when using these packages.
  • 5G data roaming service is available in Mainland China and South Korea. Even if you are in a designated 5G roaming area, 5G service may not completely cover all locations within the periphery, depending on performance of 5G networks run by local operators. Roaming service will automatically switch to 4G LTE, or other technologies, in locations not covered by a 5G network.
  • Data Roaming Day Pass provides worry-free roaming when using your mobile device near borders. It is the default that you will be asked to confirm the charge before data roaming begins.
  • No refund is given for unused data entitlement.

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