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Watch drama shows, movies and original iQIYI content with 5G
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Watch drama shows, movies and original iQIYI content with 5G
iQIYI service plans
Watch drama shows, movies and original iQIYI content with 5G
Terms and Conditions of iQIYI Value Added Service Plan
1. iQIYI Service Plan (this “Plan”) is only applicable to designated csl/1O1O service plans. Commitment period of 24-month or above is required, relevant plan fees will be added to csl/1O1O mobile bill. The Service includes “iQIYI Standard Plan” at the subscription fee of HK$38, or “iQIYI Premium Plan” at the subscription fee of HK$58. Any subscriber of this Plan shall hereinafter be referred to as “Subscriber”.
2. Subscriber can enjoy the following functions under the below tariff plans:
iQIYI Service Plan (this “Plan”)
iQIYI Standard Plan
HK$38* per month
iQIYI Premium Plan
HK$58*per month
Number of devices concurrent viewing under same account 2 4
Video Quality 1080P 4K
Skip advertisement
Priority for latest show
Download content and stream anytime
Support in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English, Thai, etc, in a total of 12 available language of interfaces and subtitles
* Commitment period of 24-month or above is required
3. Subscriber must pay us Early Termination Fee if subscriber terminate the Plan before expiry of the Commitment Period, which shall be the sum of the monthly plan fee for the remaining months of the Commitment Period. After the Commitment Period, the Plan will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis at HK$38 (for iQIYI Standard Plan) or HK$58 (for iQIYI Premium Plan) per month until subscriber provide us 30 days prior notice to cancel.
4. The iQIYI Services (iQIYI Standard Plan and iQIYI Premium Plan, i.e. the “Service”) of this Plan, which is the iQIYI International Service provided by IQIYI INTERNATIONAL SINGAPORE PTE. LTD (“iQIYI Company”).  Subscriber must link to iQIYI’s website ( via csl’s designated webpage link to create an account and login for using the iQIYI Service.   For Account which has been registered as iQIYI Account before the registration and activation of this Plan, Subscriber shall directly log in with such account and use the iQIYI Service after successful registration. The use of the Service is subject to, among other applicable terms, the CSL Mobile Limited (“CSL”)  Privacy Statement (please visit and the iQIYI Company Privacy Policy (please visit
5. If Subscriber uses the same iQIYI Account to register this Plan via CSL and register iQIYI service via other non-CSL channel(s) (“Other iQIYI Service”), the iQIYI Service under this Plan and Other iQIYI Service will be stacked up and effective in such iQIYI Account; under normal circumstances, the higher membership tier (i.e. Premium Plan) will be effective first. If the iQIYI Service and the other iQIYI Service are in the same plan tier, the service with the earlier activation date will be effective first. CSL bears no responsibility for the Other iQIYI Service and the use and management of the iQIYI Account and will not give any explanation for the service details and respective validity period stated in the iQIYI Account. For any queries regarding the iQIYI Account, Subscriber shall contact iQIYI Company customer service directly.
6. Subscriber should keep the related iQIYI Account login name and password safely and properly. CSL shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly as a result of and/or in relation to a lost or stolen account.
7. Subscriber is not allowed to sell this plan and/or redeem it  for cash or other products.
8. Mobile data used to access the iQIYI Service, will be deducted from and/or charged at the  Subscriber’s csl/1O1O mobile service and data plan.
9. Video quality depends on the Subscriber's mobile device, service location and network coverage and performance.
10. CSL Mobile Limited is not the supplier of the iQIYI Service and makes no representation or guarantee as to the quality of the Service, and accepts no liability for any matters arising from or in relation to the Service. For details about the content, supported devices and specifications of iQIYI Service are subject to iQIYI’s latest announcement on iQIYI’s website and/or App (please visit ) and the iQIYI Terms of Service (Please visit: CSL shall not be responsible for any liability incurred from or in connection with the contents, the downloading of the iQIYI App and/or use of iQIYI service.
11. iQIYI Service is only applicable to use in designated countries / regions (including Hong Kong). Service content varies based on the countries / regions and may change from time to time. All contents can only be used for Subscriber’s private domestic viewing in Hong Kong. It cannot be publicly or commercially displayed or placed.
12. CSL Service Terms ( ) apply to CSL and Subscriber who use mobile communications services.
13. CSL reserves the right to change or terminate this Plan and amend all related terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of any dispute, the decision of CSL shall be final and conclusive.
14. In the event of inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of these terms & conditions, the English version shall prevail. In the event of dispute, CSL Mobile Limited reserves the right of final determination.

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