Now 668 live horse racing channel

Are you ready for the new horse-racing season? Fans will be pleased to hear that csl now offers “Now668 live horse racing channel” – so you can watch live coverage of local and overseas races with commentary, plus programs hosted by well-known horse-racing presenters.

The Now668 app keeps you up to speed at a galloping pace!


Service charge:
Charge type Price
Month-to-month rate $48/month
Monthly fee within commitment period $39/month^

^ Customer is required to subscribe to 12-month or longer commitment period.


How to watch the Now668 live horse racing channel:

1. Apply for the service at any csl shop, or by calling the sales hotline on 2888 2123.
2. Search, download and install the Now 668 app now668 at Google Play or Apple App Store.
    Then open the App to enjoy the service.


How to login:
step1     step2
1. Open the Now668 app and check “Settings” in the bottom right-hand corner   2. Click “User Profile”


step6     step7
3. Customers activating for the first time should press the “1O1O/csl Users” button   4. Enter your mobile number and password


step6     step7     step7
5. Register for Now ID FREE of charge, or login to your existing Now ID account   6. Bind your 1O1O/csl account with Now ID   7. Login using your bound Now ID to continue using Now668 service


Terms and Conditions:

• Now668 horse racing channel service is only available for viewing in Hong Kong and cannot be viewed outside of Hong Kong.
• CSL Mobile Limited disclaims all responsibilities, liabilities and losses arising from or in connection with any failure, delays, interruptions, failures, erosion, disruptions, restrictions and obligations derived from informational errors in connection with the Now668 horse racing channel service and its delivery.
• CSL Mobile Limited does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, fitness for a particular purpose and timeliness of the betting info service under the Now668 horse racing channel service and its delivery. The risks of using and reliance on the betting info service are on the Customer solely. The Betting Info does not constitute any expert opinion of CSL Mobile Limited.
• Using this service will incur mobile data or Wi-Fi charges. Utilized data usage will be deducted from the entitlement of a subscriber's monthly data service plan.
• Video quality depends on the quality of the signal received. Some locations might not be provided with stable signal coverage, which could lead to reception problems. If this persists, please check your mobile data service or Wi-Fi settings.
• Only certain devices support this service. You should check whether your device is compatible before using this service.
• The customer shall not, nor permit any other person, to sell, reproduce, copy, distribute, broadcast, transmit, re-transmit, modify nor exploit Now TV services, nor content by any means, nor reverse engineer any content consisting of downloadable software.
• Now TV services, and their content, are only for the customer's personal viewing and access. The customer shall not, nor permit any other person, to show, play, use, access, nor view Now TV services and content for any public or commercial purpose at any location.
• CSL Mobile Limited reserves the right to edit, change, withdraw and/or withhold any Now668 horse racing channel programs and/or content on mobile at any time, without giving any reason.
• The customer shall be bound by such additional terms and conditions promulgated by Now TV and CSL Mobile Limited.

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