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one2free Mobile Broadband Prepaid SIM Card (Now rebranded to csl)

one2free Mobile Broadband Prepaid
(Compatible with micro SIM, mini SIM or nano SIM handsets)

# Service is available for use in Hong Kong and for HSDPA device only.


Services & Charges
Data Service
Speed 7.2 Mbps ^
Pass* USSD Subscription through Handsets
30-Day Pass1 – 3GB $148/ 30 Days
*   101   *   933   *   2   #  
30-Day Pass1– 5GB $258/ 30 Days
*   101   *   933   *   3   #  
Hourly Pass2# $8 / Hour
*   101   *   832   *   2   #  
Day Pass3# $28 / Day
*   101   *   832   *   3   #  
7-Day Pass4# $78 / 7 Days
*   101   *   832   *   4   #  
Value-Added Service
BlackBerry Service Detail
7-Day Pass4 $120 / 7 Days
*   101   *   222   #  
30-Day Pass1 $460 / 30 Days
*   101   *   221   #  
Local Call $0.3 / min
Video Call Intra-network $1 / min
Inter-network $2 / min
Call Forward $0.3 / forwarded min
Caller ID Display Free
Call Waiting
Messaging Services
Local SMS $0.8 / SMS
International SMS (sent from HK) $3 / SMS
Mobile Service Licence and Administration Fee Free
Validity period of one2free 180 days+
Maximum stored-value limit $5,000
# After you have reached 15GB of mobile data usage (the monthly fair usage level per calendar month), you can still continue to use the service. However, your network specification will be lowered to 128kbps. CSL Mobile Limited complies with OFCA’s Guidelines for the Implementation of Fair Usage Policy for the Provision of Mobile and Fixed Broadband Services and will not at any time cap your data network specification below 128kbps. You will receive an SMS notification once you have reached 15GB and the fair usage policy is in place. Actual speeds that customers experience are considerably less than the specifications and will be affected by the device used, locations, network conditions and other extraneous factors.
^ The peak download speed of mobile data service is 7.2Mbps and the peak upload speed is 5.7Mbps. Actual speeds experienced may vary due to internet conditions, server speeds, network conditions, coverage, locations, the computer and device used, hardware, software, usage levels and other factors.
* You may subscribe to multiple 30-day data passes simultaneously and the Local Mobile Data usage entitlements will be accumulated. The validity period of the data service passes will be counted from the time you subscribe to the last data pass.
You may subscribe to multiple Hourly/Day/7-Day service passes simultaneously (fair usage policy applies).
You may subscribe to Hourly/Day/7-Day and 30-Day data service passes simultaneously. But the data service of the Hourly/Day/7-Day passes will be used first. The validity period of the 30-day data service pass will be counted from the day you subscribe to the 30-day data service pass.
+ Validity of this SIM will be extended for 180 days from the date of recharge upon single recharge of HK$50 or above.
1. 30-Day Pass includes a continuous 720- hour session upon your subscription.
2. Hourly Pass includes a continuous 60-minute session upon your subscription.
3. Day Pass includes a continuous 24-hour session upon your subscription.
4. 7-Day Pass includes a continuous 168-hour session upon your subscription.

Terms and Conditions apply



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