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Recharge Voucher

You can buy a recharge voucher at any of our 1010 Center or csl shops, convenience stores (7-Eleven, Circle K and VanGo) and follow this procedure to recharge your Prepaid SIM Card:

Recharge Voucher  Recharge Voucher  Recharge Voucher  Recharge Voucher 

1.  Dial 179 179 from any phone or dial ‘Recharge Hotline 171 111” from your handset.
2.  Select language (if applicable)
3.  Follow the instruction and select “Recharge by Voucher”
4.  Key in the activation number printed on the recharge voucher
5.  You can listen to the new stored-value balance and expiry date.

Notes: The recharge value will be loaded into your Prepaid SIM Card instantly.

Other recharge method

Other recharge method



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