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Roaming Call Management

Enjoy convenience and privacy protection with Roaming Call Management Service. This includes Roaming Voicemail, Caller Number Display and Hong Kong Connecting Tone.

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Monthly Plan $48/month Roaming Vociemail Call +852 25 123 123
Hong Kong Connection Tone
Caller Number Display

Roaming Voicemail/Secretarial Service

Unanswered incoming calls are forwarded to your roaming voicemail / secretarial service without incurring roaming charges.

Using Voice Mail while roaming

To ensure your Voice Mail works properly while roaming, please note the followings:

Using Secretarial Service while roaming

To ensure your Secretarial Service works properly while roaming, please note the followings:

Hong Kong Connecting Tone

Enjoy greater privacy wherever you go

The Hong Kong Connecting Tone service enables you to enjoy greater privacy while roaming. After you subscribe to the service, the Hong Kong Connecting Tone will be activated automatically while you are roaming. Regardless of where you may be, your caller will hear the standard local connecting tone under normal condition, as if you are in Hong Kong. The subscription process is easy and hassle free.

For any enquiry, please call our 24-hour customer service hotline at +852 25 123 123

Call Number Display

The Caller Number Display service is available in various destinations globally.

You can activate the line blocking function via mobile phone (depend on your handset model), your number will not be displayed while roaming.

If not, you can press [#31#][International Connect Number][Country Code][Area Code][Telephone Number], your number will not be displayed.

Terms of Use:

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