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Roaming Call Management

Enjoy convenience and privacy protection with Roaming Call Management Service. This includes Roaming Voicemail and Hong Kong Connecting Tone.

Roaming Voicemail

Unanswered incoming calls are forwarded to your roaming voicemail / secretarial service without incurring roaming charges.

Using Voice Mail while roaming

To ensure your Voice Mail works properly while roaming, please note the followings:

Hong Kong Connecting Tone

Enjoy greater privacy wherever you go

The Hong Kong Connecting Tone service enables you to enjoy greater privacy while roaming. After you subscribe to the service, the Hong Kong Connecting Tone will be activated automatically while you are roaming. Regardless of where you may be, your caller will hear the standard local connecting tone under normal condition, as if you are in Hong Kong. The subscription process is easy and hassle free.

To select Hong Kong Connecting Tone or an Overseas Connecting Tone, simply dial the following codes with your handset:

For Hong Kong Connecting Tone
*   136   *   9   #  
For Overseas Connecting Tone
To check which Connecting Tone is in use


Charge Type Service Charge Service Description Register Now
Month-to-month rate $48/month Roaming Voicemail and Hong Kong Connecting Tone Call +852 2888 2123
Monthly rate within commitment period $28/month^

^Customer must commit to a 24-month or longer period

Terms of Use:

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