Ultimate data transfer & Device Diagnosis Service

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csl provides a one-stop handset data-transfer solution to move info and content from old to new mobile device and erase data from your old phone.

Ultimate data transfer & Device Diagnosis Service#


• Transfers phonebook, SMS, video, photo and audio data from one handset to another.
• No data or records left in the data transfer device.
• Compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.
• Data transfer speeds up to 1GB per minute achieved.

Data erasure

• Protect your privacy by erasing all data on your old handset* .

Device Diagnosis

• Scans for malware inside the phone and produces a detailed hardware diagnostics report that covers screen, speaker, battery life and other aspects.

WhatsApp information transfer service *

Cross-OS WhatsApp information transfer

-  Helps you transfer messages from WhatsApp.
-  Supports transfer of information from iOS to Android devices and vice versa.
-  Call 2888 2393 to make an appointment at a csl shop in order to utilize the WhatsApp information transfer service.

Terms and Conditions:
• The service is applicable only to csl customers and is currently available to major mobile OS platforms and certain handset models. Please contact our shop staff for details.
• Content-transfer lead time may vary according to model, and depends on respective volume of content.
• Data-transfer effectiveness is determined by device model. Not all types of data and/or content can be transferred with the same degree of success. CSL Mobile Limited adopts best practice but cannot guarantee all data and/or content is transferred without loss.
• The customer is responsible for backing up data and/or content on a mobile device before using data transfer, Device Diagnosis or Data Erasure Function.
• CSL Mobile Limited expressly disclaims  any liability for any loss (including loss of data and content) or damage (including damage to mobile devices) suffered by the customer or any other persons arising, directly or indirectly, from the data transfer and/or Device Diagnosis and/or Data Erasure Function.
• CSL Mobile Limited shall, at its discretion, not proceed with data transfer nor Device Diagnosis nor Data Erasure Function. In the event of dispute, CSL Mobile Limited’s decision shall be final.
# Ultimate data transfer & Device Diagnosis Service
• Data erasure was certified by SGS Limited for Responsible Recycling (R2) standard.
• The service is provided by Ecollect Limited.
* WhatsApp information transfer service
- WhatsApp information transfer service is provided by Backuptrans Studio.
- After transferring WhatsApp-based photos and videos from old to new handset, you may need to use other applications to access them.
- Make an appointment at one of the selected csl shops by calling 2888 2393 to utilize the WhatsApp information transfer service.


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