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Terms & Conditions
The service is applicable only to designated customers and is currently compatible with major mobile OS platforms and certain handset models. Please contact our shop staff for details.
Content-transfer time may vary according to model and depends on volume of content.
Data-transfer effectiveness is determined by device model. Not all types of data and/or content can be transferred with the same degree of success. CSL Mobile Limited adopts best practice, but cannot guarantee all data and/or content is transferred without loss.
The customer is responsible for backing up data and/or content on a mobile device before using data transfer Function.
CSL Mobile Limited expressly disclaims any liability for loss (including loss of data and content) or damage (including damage to mobile devices) suffered by the customer or any other persons arising, directly or indirectly, from the data transfer Function.
CSL Mobile Limited reserves the right, at its discretion, not to proceed with data transfer Function. In the event of dispute, CSL Mobile Limited’s decision shall be final.
The service will transfer data from one phone to another during each appointment.
Less than 1GB data transfer usage will be counted and charged as 1GB.
* WhatsApp information transfer service
WhatsApp information transfer service is provided by Backuptrans Studio.
After transferring WhatsApp-based photos and videos from old to new handset, you may need to use other applications to access them.
Make an appointment to utilize our WhatsApp information transfer service at one of the designated csl shops by calling 2888 2393.
The customer should arrive at a designated csl shop 10 to 15 minutes before the appointment. If the customer is 30 minutes late or above, the appointment will be canceled and customer will need to make another appointment.
+ Tingay privilege
Designated customers who make a standalone handset purchase, subscribe to, or renew a mobile service plan, will get free one-time data transfer service (worth HK$800).
This free service is applicable to customers within seven days (first & last days included), which means they should take advantage of the free service within seven days of presenting a receipt. Please contact our shop staff for details.
You should arrive at a designated csl shop 10 to 15 minutes before yourappointment. If you are 30 minutes late, or fails to honor an appointment without notice, this free service becomes invalid and no rescheduling of appointment will be allowed.
After an appointment is made, you can change/cancel it at least 24 hours in advance by calling 2888 2393. Rescheduling an appointment can be done one time only.
This reward has no limit on data transfer usage.
^ The Club’s Platinum membership privilege
Platinum members of The Club are required to login to The Club’s mobile app and show our shop staff valid membership ID for The Club in order to utilize the free data transfer service (worth HK$800) during his/her membership period.
This reward has no limit on data transfer usage.
Reward items must be collected within the reward collection period, or will be forfeited.Upon confirmation of the redemption, no amendment or cancellation will be accepted. If using Clubpoints for redemption, the relevant Clubpoints will be deducted from your The Club membership account immediately. The package is subject to other relevant terms and conditions of Club HKT Limited and CSL Mobile Limited. This reward has no limit on data transfer usage. Please visit for details.

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