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csl new series Prepaid SIM
csl NEW series Prepaid SIM            
csl NEW series Prepaid SIM       
    csl NEW series Prepaid SIM

“KingKing” Voice Roaming Service
With effect from 30th June 2023, KingKing voice roaming service does not support Prepaid SIM.

Content Charges Subscription
“KingKing” $8 / Day (No pre-subscription is required, charge will be auto deducted from stored-value upon using the service.)
$88 / 365-Day *101*55*3#
“KingKing” Voice Roaming Service
You can make/receive unlimited calls to/from Hong Kong through this KingKing app while you are abroad.
• For caller/receiver located in overseas, mobile device and KingKing application are required.
•Your friend/relative located in Hong Kong can use any fixed or mobile phone to call you without KingKing application installed.

Applications Download
You are recommended to download KingKing application before leaving Hong Kong, please go to Google Play or App Store and use "KingKing" as the search phrase.You will need to complete a one-off registration to use KingKing. Please connect to Wi-Fi Network before switching on KingKing.

How to register / login and use KingKing
Select KingKing application icon on your handset menu; and
  1. Enter and submit your csl mobile number and  csl “My Account”  password when using KingKing (pic-1).
  2. Enter the four-digit one-time password (pic-2) sent to your mobile number by SMS.
  3. Accept the Terms & Conditions of KingKing  (pic-3).
  4. Switch on KingKing so the icon on top left turns green, showing that all incoming and outgoing calls are connected via KingKing (pic-4).
(圖一) (圖二) (圖三) (圖四)
(Pic1) (Pic2) (Pic3) (Pic4)
- KingKing cannot be used for emergency calls while you are abroad, so please make emergency call via your regular voice roaming service. However, you can use KingKing to make emergency calls in Hong Kong.
- “KingKing” only applicable to designated Prepaid SIM card .
csl Wi-Fi Service
Featuring high speeds, coverage around Hong Kong, csl Wi-Fi Service connects to the Internet when you’re on the move.
Hotspot Search & service details:
How to login:
  • Go to csl Wi-Fi hotspots, and set the Network Name (SSID/ESSID) to "csl".
  • Launch your internet browser.
  • Type any valid URL into the address field and you will be redirected to the csl Wi-Fi login page automatically.
Login to the service:
  • Choose "Discover HK Tourist SIM/Prepaid SIM Cards".
  • Enter your mobile number and PIN to login to the service.
  • After login, a new offline window will pop-up to let you terminate the connection. Do not close the offline window. To terminate your csl Wi-Fi session, simply click the "Disconnect" button.
  • If you have accidentally closed the Disconnect pop-up window, please go to hotspot.cslwifi.comand click "Disconnect" to logout.
csl Wi-Fi service is provided by Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited subject to the terms and conditions of csl Wi-Fi service, available at know more about csl Wi-Fi hotspots and coverage, please visit
csl NEW series Prepaid SIM
csl NEW series Prepaid SIM    

csl NEW series Prepaid SIM

Viu Premium Service
Viu Paid members can enjoy a wide array of the later Asian drama, Japanese anime and classic TV shows!

Viu Premium Servic

* Viu Smart TV app is compatible with designated Samsung, LG, Sony, Apple TV models and TV casting is possible with Chromecast and Airplay, and do not apply to Movies and other selected programs

Service Charge
30-Day Data Pass
Charge and content Subscription
$38 Unlimited
(network maximum speed will be adjusted to 512kbps when data usage reaches 2GB)
Free Viu Premium Service*
Data used on Viu app will be waived^
Click here
$48 Unlimited
(network maximum speed will be adjusted to 512kbps when data usage reaches 6GB)
(Extra offer from foodpanda~)
(network maximum speed will be adjusted to 512kbps when data usage reaches 18GB)

* Promotion till 30 Jun, 2023
^ The local data usage of Viu Premium service for viewing & download programs will be waived. The local Mobile Data usage included in the Service can be used for browsing, downloading and viewing videos within the Viu App only. The Mobile Data usage for viewing of video advertisement broadcasted in the Viu App, accessing or downloading content from other websites (such as banner advertisement) or/and any other websites (for example, advertisement from third party) redirecting from the Viu App will be deducted from your Service Plan..

How to activate:
  1. Insert the csl prepaid SIM card into a smartphone
  2. Download Viu app from Google Play / Apps Store
  3. Login using mobile data
  4. Enjoy Viu!
~ foodpanda offer:
a) Free 1-month pandapro plan(value: $89)
b) 2x $30 food delivery voucher: Valid on orders of $200 (excl. delivery fee) or more
c)2x $20 pick-up voucher: Valid on orders of $80 or more.
$100 worth vouchers will be distributed to your account within 48 hours after successful pandapro subscription with promotion code, which can be found under the “Vouchers” tab

Promotion till 30 Jun, 2023. The Offer is available while stocks last. Terms and Conditions apply.

How to activate:
  1. Open foodpanda App
  2. Open app menu, click “Become a pandapro”
  3. Click “Select plan” > Choose 1/6/12 month plan and click “Subscribe now”
  4. Click “Add a payment method” to add payment information
  5. Click “Input voucher code” and input the pandpro voucher code and click “Apply”
Promo code of pandapro will be sent via the confirmation SMS of 30-day local data pass.

csl NEW series Prepaid SIM
csl NEW series Prepaid SIM  
csl NEW series Prepaid SIM GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS of Prepaid SIM Card

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