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 Selecting Roaming Operator

Selecting Roaming operator

When you arrive at your overseas destination, most handsets will select a foreign network automatically after power-on. However, if your handset fails to do so, please refer to your handset user guide and follow the steps for manual network selection. The overseas network operator’s name will be displayed on your handset screen after successful selection and you are ready to make or receive calls.

If you cannot make calls for some reasons, please try to restart your handset and redial. The foreign network operator you selected may not support this roaming service, please select another operator manually and redial. The roaming destinations and roaming operators will be changed from time to time.

  How To Make A Voice Call While Roaming

Making Calls to Hong Kong

1. Direct Dial Roaming
(With effective from 15 May, 2017, Direct Dial Roaming service will be terminated, please use another dial method as show below to make voice call while roaming.)
(Applicable to China Mobile network only)

+ 852 Hong Kong Telephone No.

2. *108*
*108*1* Hong Kong Telephone No. #
(English Voice Instruction)

  Roaming Service Charges

Region Roaming Destinations Receiving Calls
(Per minute)
Making Calls from roaming destinations to
Hong Kong
(Per minute)
Local Numbers
(Per minute)
Other Places
(Per minute)
China  Macau $8 $6 $9 $19
 Shenzhen $8 $6 $6 $19
 Guangdong $9 $8 $6 $19
 Rest of China $14 $8 $6 $19
Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore,Taiwan, Thailand $9 $9 $9 $19
Japan, New Zealand $13 $13 $13 $19
Europe Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France,Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherland, Norway, SlovakRepublic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK $13 $13 $13 $19
Other Destinations $25 $25 $25 $25

For details of other destinations covered by csl prepaid roaming voice service, please click here.
The actual experience of roaming service will be affected depending on where you roam, the roaming operator you roam with and your handset model. Some roaming operators’ networks are only supported by designated handsets.
All roaming voice calls made and received will be charged on a 30-second increment basis.
Receiving calls: charges will commence once you pick up a call.
Making calls by*108*: charges will commence once you answer the call made by the system to place the call, irrespective of whether the called party is successfully connected or not.
The above roaming voice call charges are subject to change from time to time without prior notice. Please call our hotline: 179 179 for the latest charges.

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