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csl Local Prepaid SIM Card

csl Local Prepaid SIM Card  Brand New Image with Data UPGRADE

Local Data Service International Roaming Voice / SMS
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You can choose the prepaid SIM card according to your need:
Prepaid SIM card
Prepaid SIM card price $48 $100 $180
Total data entitlement
6GB / 30 Days*
18GB / 30 Days^
28GB / 365 Days#
Common internet activities Text email / Message Zoom meeting / Online learning Drama
Web browsing Social media Gaming

* Subscribe to a 30-Day/6GB local data pass.
^ Subscribe to a 30-Day/18GB local data pass.
# Subscribe to a 365-Day/28GB local data pass.
Activation Offer@ :
Face Value $48 $100 $180
Entitlement  local voice (valid for 30 days)
Starting from 1 Jul, 2023, Free local voice call minute for card activation will be 1000 minutes for 1st 30 days. 
@ Promotion till 30 Jun, 2024. 
Card information
Main balance checking Login csl App
csl 本地儲值卡    數據全面升級及全新形象登場
Subscribed service status checking *101#
Roaming Data Usage checking (Overseas) *101*2#
Password inquiry *111#
Administration Fee $3 / 30 days
Prepaid SIM Card Validity 180 days
Maximum Stored-Value Limit $5,000
System Features
Unconditional Call Forwarding Local airtime charge
Voice Mail $5 / 30 days
(auto-renew every 30 days)
Local Caller Number Free of charge
Roaming Caller Number Display Free of charge
Local Data Pass
Data pass Charges & entitlement Subscription code
2-Hour Data Pass $3 / 3GB Login csl App
csl 本地儲值卡    數據全面升級及全新形象登場
1-Day Data Pass $18 / 6GB *101*532*1#
3-Day Data Pass $38 / 9GB *101*532*2#
7-Day data Pass $68 / 12GB *101*532*3#
30-Day Data Pass (auto-renew every 30 days)2d
* FREE Viu Premium Service
$38 / 2GB *101*835*1#
$48 / 6GB
Free 300 local voice minutes (valid for 30 days)
$78 / 18GB
Free 1000 local voice minutes (valid for 30 days)
365-Day Data Pass $28 / 1GB *101 *835 *37#
$68 / 10GB *101 *835 *38#
$168 / 28GB *101 *835 *39#
$238 / 40GB *101 *835 *40#
Pay As You Go5 $1 / 100MB *101*835*99#

Data Passes bundle unlimited CSL Wi-Fi Service, please refer to "csl Wi-Fi Service" for details.
* Promotion till 31 May, 2024
csl Wi-Fi Service
Featuring high speeds, coverage around Hong Kong, csl Wi-Fi Service connects to the Internet when you’re on the move.
Hotspot Search & service details:

How to login:
  1. Go to csl Wi-Fi hotspots, and set the Network Name (SSID/ESSID) to "csl".
  2. Launch your internet browser.
  3. Type any valid URL into the address field and you will be redirected to the csl Wi-Fi login page automatically.
  4. Login to the service:
    • Choose "Discover HK Tourist SIM/Prepaid SIM Cards".
    • Enter your mobile number and PIN to login to the service.
  5. After login, a new offline window will pop-up to let you terminate the connection. Do not close the offline window. To terminate your csl Wi-Fi session, simply click the "Disconnect" button.
  6. If you have accidentally closed the Disconnect pop-up window, please go to and click "Disconnect" to logout.
csl Wi-Fi service is provided by Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited subject to the terms and conditions of csl Wi-Fi service, available at To know more about csl Wi-Fi hotspots and coverage, please visit .
^$48 local prepaid SIM card requires to purchase local data pass for free csl wi-fi service
International Roaming
Roaming Data Pass:
Destinations Charges & entitlement Subscription code
1-Day International Roaming Data3 $88 / 20MB  *101*732*4#
$168 / 50MB *101*732*5#
Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, Japan,
Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand,
Australia, New Zealand, India,
Indonesia, Philippines3
$48 / 1.5GB / 365-Day *101*732*8#
Mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong $60 / 2GB / 365-Day *101*732*9#

Roaming Voice Charges & entitlement Subscription code
Mainland China & Macau Voice Package $28 / 20 mins / 365-Day *101*803*3#

  Roaming Service Charges

Region Roaming Destinations Receiving Calls
(Per minute)
Making Calls from roaming destinations to
Hong Kong
(Per minute)
Local Numbers
(Per minute)
Other Places
(Per minute)
  Macau $8 $6 $9 $19
  Mainland China $8 $6 $6 $19
Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore,Taiwan, Thailand $9 $9 $9 $19
Japan#, New Zealand $13 $13 $13 $19
Europe Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France,Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherland, Norway, SlovakRepublic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK $13 $13 $13 $19
Other Destinations $25 $25 $25 $25

# Please enable VoLTE function for using roaming voice service.
For details of other destinations covered by csl prepaid roaming voice service, please click here.
Roaming Voice Call:   Details
Roaming Data Service:
After you arrive at roaming destination and successfully subscribe to roaming data service, just simply follow the guide below to set the correct APN name to ensure the roaming data service works properly.
Set the APN name as "mobile"
Settings > Wireless & Network > More Settings > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > +New APN > APN > mobile
iPhone: Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network > APN: mobile
Voice / SMS
Voice service
Local Prepaid SIM $48
Local Prepaid SIM $100
Local Prepaid SIM $180
Local Prepaid SIM $298
Local Voice Call / Call Forwarding1 $0.06 / min. (21:00 - 11:59) $0.1 / min.
$0.12 / min. (12:00 - 20:59)
IDD Voice Call ^2
(with effect from 1 Aug 2023)
To China $0.99/min + local airtime $0.12/min 2 $0.99/min + local airtime $0.25/min 2
To other destinations Charges#+ local airtime $0.12/min 2 Charges#+ local airtime $0.25/min 2
Video Call $1 / min. (Intra-network)3
$2 / min. (inter-network)
To other countries: International video call charge3
(3G Service will be ended on 31 May, 2021)
Voice Package1b $28 / 30-Day
Content Unlimited Local Voice Call
Effective from 1 Jan 2022, The Voice Package will be updated to 10,000 local voice minutes.
Subscription *101*203#
Cancellation *101#203#
How to use Normal dial method
Remark Auto Renewal
^ Make an IDD call:
[001/1718] [Country / destination code] [area code] [Telephone number]

- Calls to UK telephone numbers starting with "001+441534", "001+441481", "001+441624": Off-Peak hour IDD charge $8.2 (per minute), Peak hour IDD  charge $8.8 (per minute). 
- Calls to UK telephone numbers starting with "1718+441534", "1718+441481", "1718+441624": Off-Peak hour IDD charge $1.98 (per minute), Peak hour IDD  charge $2.58 (per minute). 

•The IDD call will be charged once the call is connected.
• International operator assisted calls (e.g. collect call) is not applicable to this Prepaid SIM Card.

SMS service

Content Charges
Local SMS4 $0.3 / SMS (Intra-network)
$0.7 / SMS (Inter-network)
International SMS4 To China: $1.5 / SMS
To other countries: $1.8 / SMS
Roaming SMS $3 / SMS
MMS (sent from Hong Kong) To a Hong Kong mobile number or email: $1 / MMS
To an overseas mobile number : $3 / MMS

Viu Premium Service
Viu Paid members can enjoy a wide array of the later Asian drama, Japanese anime and classic TV shows!

Viu Premium Servic

* Viu Smart TV app is compatible with designated Samsung, LG, Sony, Apple TV models and TV casting is possible with Chromecast and Airplay, and do not apply to Movies and other selected programs

Service Charge
30-Day Data Pass
Charge and content Subscription
$38 2GB Free Viu Premium Service*
Data used on Viu app will be waived^
Click here
$48 6GB
(Extra offer from Deliveroo~)

* Promotion till 30 Jun, 2024
^ The local data usage of Viu Premium service for viewing & download programs will be waived. The local Mobile Data usage included in the Service can be used for browsing, downloading and viewing videos within the Viu App only. The Mobile Data usage for viewing of video advertisement broadcasted in the Viu App, accessing or downloading content from other websites (such as banner advertisement) or/and any other websites (for example, advertisement from third party) redirecting from the Viu App will be deducted from your Service Plan..

How to activate:
  1. Insert the csl prepaid SIM card into a smartphone
  2. Download Viu app from Google Play / Apps Store
  3. Login using mobile data
  4. Enjoy Viu!
~Deliveroo offer:

How to activate:
  1. Customers can get the HK$120 Deliveroo e-vouchers and promotion code of 12-month Deliveroo Plus Membership via “My Account” at the webpage before 31 July 2024
  2. Open Deliveroo App
  3. Click “Account“
  4. Click “Vouchers and credit“
  5. Click “Add voucher code / gift code“, input the Deliveroo promotion code and click “Submit“
Promotion till 31 Jul, 2024. The Offer is available while stocks last. Each eligible designated csl Prepaid SIM mobile number account is entitled to the Offer on a maximum of one (1) occasions in the Promotion Period. Terms and Conditions apply, details:

csl VoLTE Service (Prepaid SIM card customers)
csl VoLTE Service, which brings voice call and video call to a brand new generation! VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) means connection of voice and video call through 4G LTE network. As a valuable csl customer, you can now enjoy a FREE upgrade to experience voice call with speedy connection and video call with high quality!
Benefit of using VoLTE
Facilitates faster voice-call connections. What used to take around 7 seconds on a 3G network is now as fast as 1 second, if both parties are using VoLTE. Even so it just takes around 4 seconds if using 3G network.
Click the “Video Call” icon/button during a VoLTE call to switch between voice and video calls – instantly, simply and quickly(applicable only to some Android models).
Must have items for using VoLTE:
VoLTE-compatible handset
Upgrade handset software to the latest version (applicable to Android phones. Please update the software to the latest version according to the manufacturer’s guidelines for settings).
Activate the handset’s VoLTE function:

VoLTE service is only available under 4G LTE network coverage for intra-network calls with designated handsets.
Video call is a chargeable service, usage will be rounded up to the nearest minute. There is no additional charge for using VoLTE for video calls.
VoLTE Video call is only available when both users are using VoLTE service.
For enquiries, please call 179179.
Get Up To 30% Recharge Bonus
Recharge Bonus:

Recharge value (per transaction) Bonus Card validity extension period (Day)
$300  30% of recharge value 180 days
$200 - $299.9 20% of recharge value 180 days
$50 - $199.9 10% of recharge value 180 days
Recharge Methods:
Sales Channels

1O1O csl csl  

7-Eleven Circle K Vango

Service Hotline:179 179

Download csl App