International Wi-Fi Roaming - connecting via landing page

csl's International Wi-Fi Roaming service enables you to stay connected to friends and business associates from more than 2,900,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in locations such as Greater China, other parts of Asia, Europe and other geographies.

csl customers can access the major Wi-Fi networks listed below. Please click on the named service providers to get details of Wi-Fi coverage and hotspot locations.


Service Coverage and charges 

Effective Date: September 17, 2017




Terms & conditions
  • Customers are required to register for International Roaming and pay the necessary roaming deposit before service activation.
  • csl reserves the right to adjust charges according to tariffs set by overseas operators and exchange-rate fluctuations without prior notice.
  • csl makes no guarantee as to the condition or quality of services provided by third-party network operators.



You are required to apply for IDD, International Roaming& International Wi-Fi Roaming in order to use International Wi-Fi Roaming service. Simply call our hotline to subscribe:

  • 24-hour Consumer Service Hotline: 25 123 123


Notebook System Requirements
  • Intel Pentium III CPU 500 MHz (or higher) / IBM compatible PC
  • Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional (SP2), Windows Vista
  • 256MB RAM or higher
  • IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi compatible wireless LAN card
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or more recent
  • support Mac OS


Frequently-asked questions
Q1: How do I register for International Wi-Fi Roaming service?
A: Simply call our hotline to subscribe. Subscribers must apply for IDD, International Roaming& International Wi-Fi Roaming and pay a deposit of HK$500.
Q2: Can I access International Wi-Fi Roaming with my laptop?
A: Yes, you can gain access via the traditional landing page.
Q3: How will I be charged?
A: Please refer to details.
Q4: What is my login ID and password for International Wi-Fi Roaming?
A: Your login ID is the same as your csl mobile account password.If you hage not yet set a password, please dail *777.
Q5: How do I search for a Wi-Fi hotspot?
A: Please click here for details.
Q6:  I can find a Wi-Fi hotspot, but it does not show up on my laptop. Why?
A: This could be caused by a number of reasons:
  • You may be in an area just outside Wi-Fi hotspot signal reach, known as a dead zone.
  • If you are using a Wi-Fi LAN card, it might not be installed properly or maybe you are not using an up-to-date driver.

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