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Linksys 5G WiFi 6 Router FGW3000

Suggested Retail Price: $3,499

Key Feature:
Supersonic speeds with 5G and WiFi 6
5G supersonic speed and bandwidth with WiFi 6 speeds up to 3 Gbps (AX3000).
Enjoy the Gigabit Broadband simply with a plug and play
Enjoy the 5G ultra speed with 5G SIM card* wherever you want.
Unique heat dissipation design to maintain the system performance at all time without an in-built fan
Advanced aerodynamics design for efficient heat dissipation so no need additional fan which usually make noises and collect dust.
Powered by leading edge 5G technology Qualcomm® SDX55
Harness the power of Qualcomm’s first comprehensive 5G snapdragon™ chipset with Linksys WiFi 6 technology.
High-efficient antenna design for 5G signal optimization and zero Wi-Fi dead zone
To ensure the signal transmit and receive quality, inbuilt 4 dual band high gain and sensitivity antennas. Another 4 ultra wide frequency MIMO optimized antennas specially designed for 4G/5G signal.
Future-ready with the latest IPv6 internet protocol
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