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Suggested Retail Price: $11,800

Key Feature:
DIAMETER: 45mm / 1.8”
HEIGHT: 13.75 mm / 0.54”
WEIGHT: 64 grams
CASE: Titanium Grade 5
MODULARITY : to let customers create their own watch, The horns, buckle, strap and module can be very easily changed to make the watch customized.
NEW HARDWARE SENSORS :to make the experience go further including
Water-resistant (50m), integrated GPS (can locate within 1m), features the NFC technology to pay with Android Pay in selected markets, an improved amoled screen
TAG HEUER WATCH FACES: to make your connected watch look like a genuine TAG Heuer Timepiece.
INTERACTIVE THEMES: link the counters of your watch to your favorite apps.
TAG HEUER STUDIO: become a watchmaker by designing your own watch face
Basic Information:Open
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