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abc Mobile – Local Prepaid SIM

abc Mobile – Local Prepaid SIM   

Activation Offer Card Activation Services , Charges & Inquiry IDD Service
Roaming Data Service csl Wi-Fi Service Recharge Bonus & Method Sales Channels


Activation Offer

Offer period: From 1 Feb, 2018 to 30 Nov, 2019

Offer detail: Enjoy 2GB local data for first 30 days following activation within the offer period.


SIM Card Activation

Please activate the Prepaid SIM Card before the expiry date shown on the Prepaid SIM Card packaging by:

(1)  Make/ receive the first call or send the first SMS

Services & Charges
Face Value $48 / $78
SIM Card Type 3-In-1 for Nano, Micro & Mini SIM compatible device
Calls and Features
Local Voice Call 1 Off-peak hour (21:00 – 11:59): $0.05/min
Peak hour (12:00 – 20:59): $0.12/min
IDD Voice Cal 2 IDD 001 & IDD 1718 tariff (click here for detail charge) Special rate to China: $0.25/min
Roaming Voice Call             Details
Voice Mail $5/ 30 days
Local Caller Number Display Free of charge
Roaming Caller Number Display Free of charge
Call Forwarding1 Local Voice Call charge apply
Messaging Services
Local SMS 3 $0.3/SMS (intra)
New intra network SMS charge $0.3 was effective from 4th December, 2018]
$0.7/ SMS (Inter-network)
International SMS 3
(sent from Hong Kong)
To China                 : $0.5/ SMS
To Other Countries  : $1.8/ SMS
Effective from 1 September, 2019, charge of International SMS to China will be $1.0/iSMS
Roaming SMS $3/ SMS
(sent from Hong Kong)
To a Hong Kong mobile number or email: $1/ MMS
To an overseas mobile number                : $3/ MMS
Value-added Services
Hong Kong Local Mobile Data Pass 4,5
Data speed: 21Mbps
Data Pass Charges & Entitlment Subscription Code
1-Hour 5 $8/ 500MB  *122*533*2#
1-Day 6 $28 / 2GB  *122*532*7#
3-Day 6 $38/ 2GB  *122*532*2#
[Auto renew]
$78 / 7GB 122*532*9# (Cancellation code: *122#532*9#)
90-Days $48/1GB *122*533*5#  
365-Days $98/5GB *122*533*6#
$128/8GB *122*533*7#
$238/20GB *122*533*8#
csl Wi-Fi7 Unlimited 10
APAC Roaming data 8,9 1 Day $48/500MB *122*632*3#
3 Days $78/800MB *122*632*5#
7 Days $128/1GB *122*632*6#
+APAC including China / Macau / Taiwan / Japan / South Korea / Malaysia / Singapore / Thailand
King King 10 $8/ Day
$88/ 30-Day -  Subscription Code: *101*55*1#
Click below link for service details & usage.
Service Inquiry
Prepaid SIM Card main balance checking *122*1#
Subscribed local service status checking *122*2#
Roaming data service status checking *122*3#
MTR/Tunnels/Mobile License/
Administration Fee 11
Prepaid SIM Card Validity 12 180 Days
Maximum Stored-Value Limit $5,000
Terms and conditions


IDD Service

No need to apply for the service nor require any deposit, you can make high quality IDD calls with your Prepaid SIM Card.

Make an IDD call:
Press 001 Country Code Area Code Telephone Number

• The IDD call will be charged once the call is connected.
• International operator assisted calls (e.g. collect call) is not applicable to this Prepaid SIM Card.


Roaming Data Service

After you arrive at roaming destination and successfully subscribe to roaming data service, just simply follow the guide below to set the correct APN name to ensure the roaming data service works properly.

Set the APN name as “mobile” (4 Eng letters "pmobile" & follow by a digit "1")

Settings > Wireless & Network > More Settings > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > +New APN > APN > Insert "mobile"

iPhone: Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network > APN: Insert "mobile"

csl Wi-Fi Service

Use a Wi-Fi enabled device at more than 15,000 Wi-Fi hotspots all over Hong Kong. Simply plug and use! Hotspot Search:

How to use:

1. Go to csl Wi-Fi hotspots, and set the Network Name (SSID/ESSID) to "CSL".
2. Launch your internet browser.
3. Type any valid URL into the address field and you will be redirected to the csl Wi-Fi login page automatically.
4. Login to the service:
     i)  Choose "Prepaid SIM Cards".
     ii) Enter your mobile number and PIN to login to the service.
5. After login, a new offline window will be pop-up to let you terminate the connection. Do not close the offline window. To terminate your csl Wi-Fi session, simply click the "Disconnect" button.
6. If you have accidentally closed the Disconnect pop-up window, please go to and click "Disconnect" to logout.

csl Wi-Fi service is provided by Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited subject to the terms and conditions of csl Wi-Fi service, available at
To know more about csl Wi-Fi hotspots and coverage, please visit


Recharge Bonus & Method

When the stored-value is about to be used up or you want to extend the Prepaid SIM Card’s validity period, you need to recharge your Prepaid SIM Card by any of the following methods:

1.Via abc Mobile recharge voucher

You can purchase abc mobile recharge vouchers at any abc Mobile authorized dealer shops. You can recharge your account with recharge vouchers in Hong Kong or overseas. The value will be credited to your account instantly.

 abc Mobile recharge voucher $50   abc Mobile recharge voucher $100   abc Mobile recharge voucher $300
Recharge methods:
i)  Call 179 179 or
ii) Press *109 * PIN # SEND

2. Online top-up via recharge voucher or credit card/Alipay

Recharge Bonus stored-value up to 30%

Recharge value (per transaction) Bonus Card validity extension period (Day)
$300 or above 30% of recharge value 180 days
$200 - $299.9 20% of recharge value 180 days
$50 - $199.9 10% of recharge value 180 days
$20 - $49.9 Not applicable 30 days


Sales Channels

Service Hotline: 179 179



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