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Aircraft Wi-Fi roaming

Effective date: 1 Sept, 2014
Service Charges
Aircraft Wi-Fi Roaming Service HK$28 per session, each session is 10 minutes. Usage of Aircraft Wi-Fi roaming for less than 10 minutes will be counted as usage of one full session.


Customers can utilize Aircraft Wi-Fi Roaming Service provided by respective networks when travelling on the airlines below:

Airline** SSID
JAL (JL) Japan Airlines
Lufthansa (LH) Telekom_FlyNet
Transaero (UN) Transaero
Etihad (EY) Etihad WI-FLY
American Airlines (AA) AA Inflight
AerLingus (EI) Aer Lingus WiFi
AirFrance (AF) AirFranceWiFi
Royal Dutch KLM (KL) KLMonboardWiFi
Garuda Indonesia (GA) GarudaWiFi
Singapore Airlines (SQ) SIA WiFi
Kenya Airways (KQ) SkySurf
British Airways (BA) BA WiFi



  1. The service above is applicable only to specified aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi.
  2. Customers must apply for both IDD and International Roaming services and pay an International Roaming deposit of HK$500.
  3. Roaming tariff and airlines are subject to change without prior notice.
  4. csl makes no guarantee as to the condition or quality of services provided by third-party network operators.

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