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365-Day China-HK-Macau Prepaid SIM

csl   中港澳8日儲值卡

Service & Tariff IDD Service Roaming Voice Call Csl Wi-Fi Service
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Service & Tariff
Face Value $148
Activation Pack6

Hassle-free Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau data for 1st 8 days7

Data transmission speed will be adjusted to 128kbps when data usage reaches 2GB within the first 8 days.

Extra 4GB Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau data for 365 days thereafter

Unlimited csl Wi-Fi9

Usable Bonus value HK$20
Data Pass / Add-on Service
Hong Kong Data Pass8 $168 / 28GB *101*801*5#
$238 / 40GB *101*937*15#
Mainland China, Hong Kong & Macau Data Pass8 $60 / 2GB *101*808*12#
Mainland China & Macau Voice Package8 $28 / 20mins *101*803*3#
KingKing Voice Roaming Service10 $88 *101*55*3#
The valid date of above service/pass will be 365 days.
Other Services
Service Inquiry
IDD Service

No need to apply for the service nor require any deposit, you can make high quality IDD calls with your Prepaid SIM Card.

Make an IDD call:
Press 001 Country Code Area Code Telephone Number

• The IDD call will be charged once the call is connected.
• International operator assisted calls (e.g. collect call) is not applicable to this Prepaid SIM Card.


Roaming Voice Call:Details
Roaming Service Charges
Region Roaming Destinations Receiving calls / Outgoing calls to HK / local roaming (Per minute) Call others
(Per minute)
China / Macau $3 $18
Other Regions

△ For details of other destinations covered by csl prepaid roaming voice service, please click here

The above roaming voice call charges are subject to change from time to time without prior notice. Please call our hotline: 179 179 for the latest charges.

csl Wi-Fi Service
csl VoLTE Service (Prepaid SIM card customers)
King King Voice Roaming Service
Terms & conditions:
Get Up To 30% Recharge Bonus
Recharge Bonus:
Recharge value (Per transaction) Bonus Card validity extension period (Day)
$300 or above 30% of recharge value 180 days
$200 - $299.9 20% of recharge value 180 days
$50 - $199.9 10% of recharge value 180 days
$20 - $49.9 Not applicable 30 days



When the stored-value is about to be used up, or you want to extend the Prepaid SIM Card's validity; you need to recharge your Prepaid SIM Card by any if the following methods:

  1. Online Recharge Service
  2. Auto-recharge Service


Sales Channels
1O1O csl csl  
7-Eleven Circle K Vango



Service Hotline 179 179


Prepaid SIM Card Real-name Registration Notice
Real-name registration has been implemented. Please complete the registration on or before 23rd Feb, 2023, otherwise unregistered prepaid SIM cards will be deactivated. About real-name registration:
For any enquiries, please call prepaid service hotline on 179 179.

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