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Terms and Conditions:
1. 1O1O /csl customers mean customers who have subscribed service plan offered by 1O1O /csl.
2. The effectiveness of data transfer service is determined by the device model involved. Not all types of data and/or content can be transferred with the same degree of success. CSL uses its best practice but cannot guarantee that all data and/or content can be transferred without any loss.
3. Each customer is entitled to a quota of each type of Digitalization Service and fees are charged. The quota shall be released when service is complete and photos/video/audio have been transferred to the customer’s handset. Photo Digitalization service can process a maximum of 30 photos (size 3R or 4R only) per submission. Photo Film Digitalization service is applicable only to certain 35mm positive/negative photo films. A maximum of 3 rolls (film to be scanned should be at least 4 frames per strip and not more than 40 frames per roll) can be processed per submission. Video Tape Digitalization service is applicable only to certain mini DVs. A maximum of 3 video tapes can be processed per submission. Cassette Tape Digitalization service is applicable only to certain cassettes. A maximum of 3 cassettes can be processed per submission.
4. Charges for the above-mentioned Digitalization Service as follow: HK$10 per 3R/4R photo, HK$80 per film/slide roll (less than 40 frames will be treated as 1 roll), HK$10 per film/slide, HK$230 per hour for video tape (less than 60 minutes will be treated as 1 hour), HK$80 per hour for audio tape (less than 60 minutes will be treated as 1 hour). Charges for video and audio tape will be based on the maximum recording capacity of the mini DV or cassette and customers are required to pay on submission, and there is no refund. Customers may need to pay remaining charges incurred depending on actual hours converted on collection.
5. CSL reserves the right to refuse provision of this Digitalization Service to any customer based on issues of capacity, resources or any other reasons beyond the control of CSL.
6. CSL expressly disclaims all or any liability for any loss (including any loss of data and/or content) or damage (including any damage to the Mobile Devices) suffered by the Customer or any other persons arising, directly or indirectly, from the photo, photo film, video tape and cassette tape Digitalization Service. CSL reserves the right to provide the Digitalization Service according to the actual photo/photo film/video tape/cassette tape conditions.
7. Customers’ warranty that his/her data is collected by legal means and will not be used illegally or will not be put to any use that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under applicable law.
8. Customer may not place any of the following material or obtain any such material using the service: Any threatening, obscene, pornographic or profane material or any other material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under applicable law; any material that could infringe rights of privacy, publicity or copyrights without the permission of the owner of these rights and the persons (or their parents or legal guardians, where applicable) who are shown in the material; any material sent from an anonymous or false address. While CSL does not and cannot review all submissions, and is not responsible for their content, CSL reserves the right to reject, digitalize and transfer submissions that it, in its sole discretion, deems abusive, defamatory, obscene or in violation of copyright or trademark laws or otherwise unacceptable. Your physical or electronic sharing of images constitutes permission for reprinting by the recipient. CSL will not be liable for the content of any submission.
9. Customer agrees to indemnify CSL for any or all loss, damage, suffered or incurred (whether directly or indirectly) from breach of any provisions contained in this terms and conditions.
10. Once customer has confirmed, the details of the photos/photo films/video tapes/cassette tapes will be transferred to customer’s handset in JPEG/MPEG3/MPEG4 format, csl will destroy details stored on the same day.
11. If customer does not collect the materials within 30 days after the designated collection date, CSL has the right to destroy and /or dispose the materials provided by the customer without prior notice. CSL will not be liable to any responsibilities for such destruction or disposal of materials.
12. CSL reserves the right to change or terminate this Digitalization Service and make the final decision in any dispute arising from said offer without prior notice.


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