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HK Mobi Prepaid SIM Card

Activation package
8-day APAC* roaming data pass -5GB roaming data for APAC destination*
-Free 1GB HK Local data
Activation bonus Free 2000 HK Local voice minutes(Valid for 30 days)
*APAC destinations: Mainland China、 Indonesia、 Japan、 Macau、 Malaysia、 Philippines、 Singapore、 South Korea、 Taiwan & Thailand.
Network Services Setting
This card contained mobile data usage, simply plug and use! No subscription is needed. If you cannot access the Internet via our mobile network, please check your Internet access setting on your mobile phone, selecting "mobile" as Access Point Name (APN) and leaving the proxy server address and proxy server port blank.

Earn Clubpoint Program

Value-added Service
Service Content Subscription Method
APAC* roaming data pass 8 Days / 5GB / $108 *101*601*7#
4 Days / 2.5GB / $78 *101*601*11#
1 Day / 1GB / $48 *101*601*10#
US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand roaming data pass 15 Days / 5GB / $268 *101*601*8#
Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan roaming data pass 3 Days / 500MB / $48 *101*601*3#
7 Days / 1GB / $98 *101*601*9#
HK local data pass 3 Days / 2GB / $9
365 Days / 1GB / $38  *101*835*31#
365 Days / 3GB / $68  *101*835*32#
365 Days / 10GB / $99 *101*835*33#
365 Days / 50GB / $198  *101*835*34#
365 Days / 70GB / $248  *101*835*35#
365 Days / 90GB / $278  *101*835*36#
Others service
Local voice call $0.1/per minute  
Local voice package (auto-renew per 30 days) $28 / Unlimited voice call / 30 Days
Effective from 1 Jan 2022, The Local Voice Package will be updated to 10,000 local voice minutes (valid for 30 days).
Subscription : *101*203#
Cancel : *101#203#
SMS (per message ) Intra-network: $0.3 Inter-network: $0.7 
Roaming Voice Call Detail
IDD 0060 service
Flat rate $0.45/ minute, applicable to designated 35 destinations

How to dial? 0060 +  Country/ Territory Code  +  Area Code +  Phone Number
Eligible destination: 35 designated destinations
Call to fixed-line & mobile number: Mainland China, Canada, Singapore & USA Call to fixed-line:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vatican City, Venezuela, Vietnam.

1. Spain & United Kingdom: Above IDD 0060 rates do not apply for calls made to telephone numbers with prefixes “3451" in Spain and "4456“ in UK.
2. If you call back to an incoming IDD call by retrieving the telephone number from the caller number display (eg. From “Answered” or “Missed” call records), this call will be charged at IDD 001 rates, as you are using IDD 001 to make the call.
IDD 0060 charges (Detail) / IDD001 charges (Detail)

Validity (after card activation) 365 days
MTR / Tunnels / Mobile License / Administration Waive
csl VoLTE Service (Prepaid SIM card customers)

csl VoLTE Service, which brings voice call and video call to a brand new generation! VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) means connection of voice and video call through 4G LTE network. As a valuable csl customer, you can now enjoy a FREE upgrade to experience voice call with speedy connection and video call with high quality!
Benefit of using VoLTE
Facilitates faster voice-call connections. What used to take around 7 seconds on a 3G network is now as fast as 1 second, if both parties are using VoLTE. Even so it just takes around 4 seconds if using 3G network.
Click the “Video Call” icon/button during a VoLTE call to switch between voice and video calls – instantly, simply and quickly(applicable only to some Android models).
Must have items for using VoLTE:
VoLTE-compatible handset
Upgrade handset software to the latest version (applicable to Android phones. Please update the software to the latest version according to the manufacturer’s guidelines for settings).
Activate the handset’s VoLTE function:
  - iPhone
  - Samsung
  - LG
  - Sony
  - Huawei
   - Xiaomi
VoLTE service is only available under 4G LTE network coverage for intra-network calls with designated handsets.
Video call is a chargeable service, usage will be rounded up to the nearest minute. There is no additional charge for using VoLTE for video calls.
VoLTE Video call is only available when both users are using VoLTE service.
For enquiries, please call 179179.
Service inquiry
  Login to “My Account”  USSD code Dial by prepaid SIM card
Account inquiry
(Reset password: Dial *111# by prepaid SIM card)
Store-value & expiry date *109#
Usage inquiry Remaining services entitlement(Local data & voice) *101#
Roaming data usage *101*2#
Recharge Bonus
Recharge amount Recharge bonus  Extension of card validity
(count from top-up date)
 $20 20 local voice minutes  30 days
 $50 50 local voice minutes  365 days
$100 $10 + 100 local voice minutes  365 days


Sales hotline : 6776 8800

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