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iOS User Guide ‧ Applicable to iOS 4.3 to iOS 10

1. Download from App Store
Enter “Wi-Fi Roam” as a search keyword

2. Personal profile setup

Enter your username and password and select “csl mobile” as the domain. Forget your username or password? Then click here

3. Wi-Fi hotspot map download

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You are required to download your desired Wi-Fi hotspot map before searching Select your desired destination and start downloading Wi-Fi hotspot database download is complete


Tips#1: Downloading the Wi-Fi hotspot map and updating the latest version of Wi-Fi Roam Connection Manager by using mobile data connectivity may incur mobile data charges. Roaming data charges will be incurred while overseas.
Tips#2: User must update the Wi-Fi Roam Connection Manager to the latest version to enjoy the most up-to-date coverage.


4. Wi-Fi hotspot searching online 
Activate GPS and an Internet connection to search via Google Map
Tips: You are required to download the Wi-Fi hotspot database manually.Click here for details

5. Wi-Fi hotspot search offline 
If an Internet connection is unavailable, you can conduct a WI-Fi hotspot search via the text directory
Tips: You are required to download the Wi-Fi hotspot database manually. Click here for details

6. Log on and off


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You are required to select a Wi-Fi roaming operator and corresponding SSID manually in “Settings” We recommend you log off the Wi-Fi roaming connection by clicking the “disconnect” button during idle time. The International Wi-Fi Roaming service charge will continue to be incurred until disconnection



Tips #1: Then click the “connect” button. When you see the “login success” message, International Wi-Fi Roaming service becomes chargeable until you press the “disconnect” button
Tips #2: You are required to set up your personal profile in advance. Click here for details


7. Usage history 
You can check your usage history in the “History” menu

8. Usage alert 
You can customize a usage alert in the “Alerts” menu


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