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Plan description

Withcsl MMS, you can deliver images, voice, music and text messages all in one go.

Send and receive multimedia messages from one MMS-enabled handset to another, and/or to an email account. Your MMS is sure to be transmitted fast, thanks to our GPRS network!

What's more, no matter whether your friends are csl customers, you can still surprise them by sending MMS messages (if your friends do not have MMS-enabled handsets, you can simply send an MMS to their email accounts instead).


When downloading an MMS directly from our website or WAP site to handsets, or when sending an MMS from handset to handset or to an email account, you only pay for what you use.

Pay as you go

(less than 300Kb)
Local inter-network

Mobile Data charges may apply depending on the service plan you have subscribed to. Please call our CS hotline at 25 123 123 for details of your plan.
For reference, file size of one photo (640x480 pixels) plus text is less than 30KBytes.

Each MMS message must be a maximum of 300KBytes. Maximum file size also depends on the capability of both sender and recipient handsets, so it may be less than 300KBytes. MMS messages exceeding the limit will not be sent.

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