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MZ+ Latest Magazines

“MZ+ News” (「MZ+快訊」) is an eMagazine app that covers Hong Kong, Taiwan and China News and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China magazine titles. This patented technology enables you to view magazines according to their original layout design, thereby creating a new way of reading eMagazines suited to multiple screens.

Seven features for a better mobile reading experience
1. Bookmark: Organize magazine order as you like
2. Reading format: View original magazine layout or just text
3. Font size: Adjust to a font size that suits you best
4. Bookmark: Save your favorite stories to read later
5. Account sharing: Share your subscription with your family
6. News content search: Call up news stories using keywords
7. Read record: Go Back to your favorite contents at ease


Popular magazines include:
Hong Kong

Popular magazines include

Popular magazines available include men’s uno (Hong Kong), Golf Digest (Taiwan), and People’s Weekly (China)…etc.

MZ+ News service will cease providing Next Magazine (Hong Kong), Eat and Travel Weekly (Hong Kong), JF DIGITAL and Trading Express content from 00.00hrs. on November 1, 2017. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Since MZ+ News apps is revamping. Contents will keep uploading back to the apps. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Where to Download

Where to Download
Please go to Google Play / App Store and search "MZ+ News"

App Store
Google Play

Service charge:
Charge type Service charge
Month-to-month rate: $48/month
Monthly rate within
commitment period:

* Customers apply for MZ+ with 12 or 24 month contract could enjoy below offer:
 - 12-month contract:
    3 months free during commitment period
 -  24-month contract:
    6 months free during commitment period

You must subscribe to a service plan with a designated commitment period. If you decide to terminate this service within the contract period, you must pay the remaining balance of the service plan fee within the committed contract period.

Terms and Conditions:


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