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Visual Voicemail Service Terms and Conditions
To use the Visual Voicemail Service (“The Service”) on iPhone, you must use the Voicemail button on your iPhone. For android handsets, please download the designated mobile app.
The Service is supported by designated mobile devices and designated operating systems, please press here to check compatibility of your handset.
Usage of the Service will incur data charges. Local data usage incurred will be deducted from the customer's data plan or charged at prevailing rates.
Standard data roaming charges apply while using the Service abroad; please see for pricing details.
The Service cannot be used via Wi-Fi connection.
To switch off the Service during roaming, you must only do so from the “mobile roaming data” settings of your handset.
When mobile data usage is switched off, voicemail will switch back to SMS alert automatically, and you can check voice messages by calling to our voicemail system.
If the Service is terminated or suspended due to whatever reasons, the voicemail archive in our server and the voicemail archive saved on your handset will be deleted simultaneously.
The Service is not applicable on prepaid SIM cards.
The Service is subject to the Mobile Service Agreement of CSL Mobile Limited, please visit for details.
If there is any inconsistency between the Chinese and English versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.


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