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Your Mobile All-in-One Prepaid Annual SIM

Your Mobile All-In-One Prepaid Annual SIM  

Activation Offer Card activation Service, Tariff & inquiry
(Terms & Conditions)
IDD Service
Roaming Data Service csl Wi-Fi Service and csl VoLTE Service (Prepaid SIM card customers) Recharge Methods and Bonus User Guide

Earn Clubpoint Program
Card activation bonus:

Free 18GB / 365-day local data during promotional period
Promotion till 31 Mar, 2024

SIM card activation:
Please activate the Prepaid SIM card before the expiry date shown on the Prepaid SIM card package by make/receive the first call or send the first SMS.
Service, Tariff & inquiry
$80/ 40MB / Day for APAC destinations (including China, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand
Features Service charges (HK$)
Local calls1 First 200 minutes of every calendar month 21:00 – 08:59 $0.06 / Minute
09:00 – 20:59 $0.12 / Minute
After 200 minutes $0.25 / Minute
IDD Voice Call 1,2
(With effect from 1 August 2023)
To China $0.99/min + local airtime $0.25/min2
To other destinations Charges ~+ local airtime $0.25/min2
Local call forwarding Local call
Local SMS3 Intra Network: $0.3/SMS (Was effective from 4th December, 2018)
Inter Network: $0.7/SMS
International call forwarding2 IDD001 charges + $0.25/min airtime charge
Unconditional Call Forwarding Package $15/30days10
Caller Number Display Free
Voice Mail $5/30 days11
Conference Call    Local call apply for each line
Call Waiting Local call apply for each line
Local Video Call1 Intra: $1.0 /min
Inter: $2.0/ min
International Roaming Voice Call Roaming Charge  Service Charges
International video calls1
(3G Service will be ended on 31 May, 2021)
Australia, Singapore, Macau, Malaysia, Japan, Mainland China, South Korea & Thailand: $0.8/min
United Kingdom, Taiwan, Philippines, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia & Russia: $9.0/min
Indonesia: $12.0/min
International SMS3 To China: $1.5/SMS
To other countries:$1.8/SMS
Local MMS9 $3/MB
Overseas MMS $0.12/KB
MTR/tunnels/mobile license/ administration fee13 $3 / month
~Calls to UK telephone numbers starting with "0060+4456": IDD charge $4 (per minute).
Day-pass Charges Subscription
Data Day-Pass (42Mbps14 data speed)
3-day / 4GB $18 *101*106*2#
30-day / 10GB [Auto Renew) $28 *101*114*1# (Un-subscription: *101#114*1#]
30-day / 20GB [Auto Renew)[with effect from 1 February 2024, upgrade to 30GB] $48 *101*114*2# (Un-subscription:: *101#114*2#]
365-day / 10GB $60 *101*199*81#
365-day / 30GB $98 *101*199*5#
365-day / 80GB (Free 2,000 local mins.) $198 *101*199*7#
365-day / 150GB (Free 2,000 local mins.) $298 *101*199*10#
APAC Roaming Data Pass
(~ Applicable to: Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Australia, New Zealand,Vietnam, Cambodia, India )
8-day / 1GB $68 *101*601*13#
365-day / 1GB (Free 10GB 30-day local data) $88 *101*601*21#
Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan Data-Pass
365-day / 1GB (Free 10GB 30-day local data) $48 *101*601*22#
365-day / 2GB $60 *101*601*23#
Service Inquiry
Balance & subscribed service checking *101#
MTR / Tunnels/Mobile License/Administration Fee7 $3 / 30 days
Prepaid SIM Card Validity8 180 days
(With effect from 1 Mar 2024, SIM Card Validity will be updated to 90 days)
Maximum Stored-Value Limit $5,000
Please refer to "Terms and Conditions" for details of the remarks.

Check account balance and validity: Press ## 122 # SEND

IDD Service:
No need to apply for the service nor require any deposit, you can make high quality IDD calls with your Prepaid SIM Card.

Make an IDD call:
Press 001 / 0060 + Country Code/Area Code + Telephone Number

  • The IDD call will be charged once the call is connected.
  • International operator assisted calls (e.g. collect call) is not applicable to this Prepaid SIM Card.

International Roaming

You can get roaming data; make calls to Hong Kong, within the same country/territory, or to other countries/territories when you are overseas.

  • Roaming data pass6
    Press * 131# SEND (operate in overseas)
  • Calling Hong Kong
    Press * 108 * Hong Kong Tel. No. # SEND
  • Making local calls in other countries/territories
    Press * 108 * 001 Country / Territory Code Area Code Local Tel. No. # SEND
  • Making calls to other countries/territories
    Press *  108 * 001 Country / Territory Code Area Code Tel. No. in other country  #  SEND

After pressing the requisite key string, you’ll receive a message saying “Thank you for using our service. The number you’ve dialed is being connected, please wait”. Wait for your phone to ring, and answer it. You will then be connected to the called party. The roaming service has been enabled by default in this Rechargeable SIM Card. Customers can take the action to prevent handsets from switching to mainland China-based mobile networks while in Hong Kong, thereby incurring unnecessary roaming charges. Temporarily suspend the roaming service with the following shortcodes:

  • To suspend roaming service: *143*01#  SEND
  • To resume roaming service before leaving Hong Kong: #143*01#  SEND

+ If you have to make or receive calls while roaming, please cancel all local/international call forwarding functions.

csl Wi-Fi Service

Use a Wi-Fi enabled device at more than 15,000 Wi-Fi hotspots all over Hong Kong. Simply plug and use! Hotspot Search:

How to login:

  • Go to csl Wi-Fi hotspots, and set the Network Name (SSID/ESSID) to "csl".
  • Launch your internet browser.
  • Type any valid URL into the address field and you will be redirected to the csl Wi-Fi login page automatically.
  • Login to the service:
    i) Choose "Prepaid SIM Cards".
    ii) Enter your mobile number and PIN to login to the service.
  • After login, a new offline window will be pop-up to let you terminate the connection. Do not close the offline window. To terminate your csl Wi-Fi session, simply click the "Disconnect" button.
  • If you have accidentally closed the Disconnect pop-up window, please go to and click "Disconnect" to logout.

csl Wi-Fi service is provided by Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited subject to the terms and conditions of csl Wi-Fi service, available at

To know more about csl Wi-Fi hotspots and coverage, please visit

csl VoLTE Service (Prepaid SIM card customers)
csl VoLTE Service, which brings voice call and video call to a brand new generation! VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) means connection of voice and video call through 4G LTE network. As a valuable csl customer, you can now enjoy a FREE upgrade to experience voice call with speedy connection and video call with high quality!
Benefit of using VoLTE
Facilitates faster voice-call connections. What used to take around 7 seconds on a 3G network is now as fast as 1 second, if both parties are using VoLTE. Even so it just takes around 4 seconds if using 3G network.
Click the “Video Call” icon/button during a VoLTE call to switch between voice and video calls – instantly, simply and quickly(applicable only to some Android models).
Must have items for using VoLTE:
VoLTE-compatible handset
Upgrade handset software to the latest version (applicable to Android phones. Please update the software to the latest version according to the manufacturer’s guidelines for settings).
Activate the handset’s VoLTE function:
  - iPhone
  - Samsung
  - LG
  - Sony
  - Huawei
  - Xiaomi
VoLTE service is only available under 4G LTE network coverage for intra-network calls with designated handsets.
Video call is a chargeable service, usage will be rounded up to the nearest minute. There is no additional charge for using VoLTE for video calls.
VoLTE Video call is only available when both users are using VoLTE service.
For enquiries, please call 179179.

Recharge Methods and Bonus

Recharge Methods:

1. Via Your Mobile recharge voucher
You can purchase Your Mobile recharge vouchers at any Your Mobile dealer shops. You can recharge your account with recharge vouchers in Hong Kong or overseas. The value will be credited to your account instantly.

Your Mobile recharge vouchers
Recharge method:
i) Call Recharge Service Hotline 179179 or
ii) Press *109 * PIN # SEND  

2. Online top-up via recharge voucher or credit card / Alipay
       • Use your prepaid card to visit
       • Enter the PIN printed on the recharge voucher or follow the instructions and recharge with a credit card / Alipay.

Recharge value Bonus Extension of card validity (count from top-up date)
Below HK$49.9 Not applicable 30 Days
HK$50 - HK$199.9 10% of recharge stored-value 180 Days
HK$200 - HK$299.9 20% of recharge stored-value
HK$300 or above 30% of recharge stored-value

Extra bonus promotion (Promotion period until 31 Mar, 2024 )

Recharge value Extra 30-day local data*
$50 10GB
$100 20GB


  • • Extra bonus data is valid for 30 days, effective from the top up date.
  • • Extra bonus data will be used in first priority.


Terms and Conditions
  1. Local calls, IDD calls, video calls and International Call Forwarding calls are charged on a per minute basis.
  2. Local airtime charges apply when using IDD service and International Call Forwarding.
  3. International roaming calls are charged on a per minute basis. Airtime will be deducted in units of 1 minute once you answer the return call from our system, even if the called number is busy or unanswered.
  4. Local data is charged on a per-MB basis. Please ensure the data connection is disabled when you are not using the service to avoid unnecessary charges.
  5. Roaming data is charged on a per-20KB basis.
  6. Local data must be consumed within Hong Kong. A roaming data charge will be made when roaming overseas.
  7. Local 1-day, 3-day, 7-day ,90-day and “Usage period aligned with card validity” data passes commence on the day of subscription. Service will be automatically terminated at 23:59 on the commencement day, 3rd day, 7th day ,90-day or until expiry of the prepaid card, but no more than 365 days from the subscription date of the data plan, whichever is sooner. For 1/3/7/90 days data passes, customers are required to subscribe to the data pass again for continued use. The validity of the “Usage period aligned with the card validity” local data pass will last until expiry of the prepaid card, but no more than 365 days from the subscription date of the data plan, whichever is sooner.
    7a. 30-day data pass will be renewed automatically every 30 days (23:59 on 30th day) after subscription. Any unused usage cannot be carried forward to the next 30-day period and will be forfeited at the end of the respective period. To unsubscribe this service, please dial*101#114*2#($68/30-day Pass) from your handset, the cut-off time is 23:59 on the expiry date. If you subscribe to multiple 30-Day Data Passes simultaneously, the system will follow the last subscribed 30-Day pass expiry date and will be auto-renewed. Previous 30-Day Data Pass subscribed will end upon original expiry date (23:59).
  8. Customers are required to download the KingKing application from App Store or Google Play to utilize this service. KingKing is compatible only with certain handsets. $8/day, $88/30 days from making outgoing calls to any Hong Kong phone number or receiving incoming calls from anywhere in the world via KingKing. IDD charges apply if making calls to non-Hong Kong phone numbers, and local voice call minutes will be charged for the duration of such a call during all calls. Charges for Wi-Fi connectively and IDD charges (if any) are additional. Local voice call minutes will be charged for using KingKing application to make / receive calls in Hong Kong. Download the application from Google Play and App Store will incur local mobile data charge, while roaming data charge will incur in overseas.
  9. Cut-off time for Roaming data and KingKing is HK time 23:59. New daily cap starts at HK time 00:00.
  10. Both incoming and outgoing MMS are charged on a per-MB basis. If MMS is downloaded / sent during roaming, roaming data charges apply.
  11. No local airtime charges applied for Unconditional Call Forwarding Package. Local call forwarding when busy, unanswered and unreachable are not included in the package. The package will be renewed automatically every 30 days and related package charge will be deducted from your account.
  12. When accessing Voice Mail via a mobile phone, airtime is charged. Roaming charges apply when retrieving voice mails from outside Hong Kong. The Voice Mail package will be renewed automatically every 30 days and related package charge will be deducted from your account.
  13. The MTR/ Tunnels/ Mobile License/ Administration Fee will be deducted automatically from your account on a monthly (30 days) basis.
  14. Peak speed for data download is 42Mbps and upload is 5.76Mbps. Actual speeds that customers experience are less than the specifications and will be affected by the device used, locations, network conditions and other extraneous factors.
  15. If the subscribed packages cannot be renewed successfully due to insufficient balance in your account, the related packages will be cancelled. Please re-subscribe to the packages after recharge.
  16. Any dispute over value or usage should be raised with service provider (CSL Mobile Limited) within one month.
  17. Service fee will be charged for each copy of the call details relating to the current month.
  18. Usage records maintained by CSL Mobile Limited shall, in the absence of manifest error, be conclusive evidence.
  19. CSL Mobile Limited reserves the right to amend the tariff and the related charges. Please call the service hotline for tariff details.
  20. We reserve the right to terminate your mobile service without prior notice if your remaining balance is $0 or less and no usage in past consecutive 3 months.

Service Hotline 179 179



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