Kumusta Ka Prepaid SIM

Kumusta Ka

SIM Card Activation
Para ma-activate ang SIM Card, mangyaring tumawag lamang o mag-text sa anumang local Hong Kong number. Paki-activate ang SIM card bago mag-expire ito sa petsa na ipinapakita sa card packaging. (Para magamit sa ibang bansa, inirerekomenda na i-activate ang SIM card na ito sa HK bago umalis ng bansa)

SIM Card Validity: 90 Days. Please activate the SIM Card before the expiry date on the package or it will become void.
The communication and service channels except hotline operators and shop service attendant are available in Filipino only.

Sa Kumusta Ka Prepaid SIM mag-e-enjoy ka sa:
• Matipid na promotions! For info, visit our Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/cslfilipinoprepaidsim
Mababang rate para sa lokal at international calls, SMS, at video calls sa pamilya at kaibigan
Internet Plans
Filipino Mobile TV Service (featuring GMA Pinoy TV shows on Now Pinoy TV)
Magpadala ng load sa lahat ng mobile operators sa Pilipinas
Mag-ipon ng loyalty points kapag nag-recharge at ipalit ng mga prizes




Recharge Instructions
       • Short Code: Dial     109     Voucher Code   #     then press YES/OK OR
       • Hotline: Call   171 111   from your mobile phone and follow the instructions. Kumusta Ka load will be recharged automatically.
       • To check the account balance: Dial     109   #   SEND


Kumusta Ka Prepaid SIM Card Recharge Voucher
(Available at Mobile Phone Direct Selling Centre)
$20 30 Araw Kumusta Ka $20 Voucher artwork
$50 90 Araw Kumusta Ka $50 Voucher artwork
$100 90 Araw Kumusta Ka $100 Voucher artwork

Validity of the SIM Card will be extended based on the Prepaid SIM Card Recharge Voucher amount.


Internet Plan~

Select 4G on your 4G handset and instantly enjoy csl's robust 4G network for a more seamles internet experience!

Data Plans Best Used For Rate Validity Data Use Allotment Sign up Code ~Speed
Volume based Plani
Email, Chat, Web Browsing,
Photo Uploads
$38 30 Days 500MB
*101*414# 7.2Mbps
$88 2GB
$99 5GB
1000 local minutes
Unlimited Planii
Downloads or Streaming of
Music or Video
After you have reached 15GB of mobile data usage, your network speclication will be lowered to 128kbps.
*101*832*2# 7.2Mbps
$28 1 Day *101*832*3#
$78 7 Days *101*832*4#
$98$88 30 Days *101*420# 3.6Mbps
4G Planiii LTE-A^ $216 30 Days 1GB *101*300*1# 600Mbps
$28 7 Days
200MB top-up plan
(requires active subscription to $216 1GB/30-day 4G Plan)

Check package status:*101#   ~Refer to the Terms and Conditions below.

Note: During the Promotion period, each Kumusta Ka Prepaid SIM card mobile telephone number “MRT  Number” that has successfully subscribed for the first time to the $99 Volume-based Plan may enjoy one-off extra 3GB, within the same package duration of thirty (30) days. Promotion period is until December 31, 2017. The extra 3GB offer does not apply to packages that are auto-renewed from an existing subscription.

i Terms & Conditions for 30-Day Volume-Based Plan ("Volume-Based Plan"):

ii Terms & Conditions for Unlimited Plan:

iii Terms & Conditions for 4G Plans:

^600Mbps is our network specification for downlink of 4G LTE-A network (with 50Mbps for uplink) provided via three sections of 20MHz continuous 4G spectrum each, which is only available to designated locations with the use of a compatible device. Actual speeds that customers experience are less than the specifications and will be affected by the device used, locations, network conditions and other extraneous factors. Compares to other commercially launched mobile networks available to customer in Hong Kong as of 1 June 2017.

To help you understand your consumption of data, please refer to guide:

Remark: The above data usage is for reference only. Actual usage may vary due to file size


csl Wi-Fi

We offer high-quality wireless broadband connectivity at more than 15,000 hotspots across Hong Kong at convenience stores, coffee shops, restaurants, shopping malls, MTR stations (concourses and platforms, excluding Light Rail), Airport Express stations and trains, universities and other tertiary education institutions and public phone kiosks.

Use a Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11b/g/n) enabled device at csl Wi-Fi hotspots to experience the fastest wireless broadband connectivity.

Hotspot search:
Visit www.cslwifi.com > Wi-Fi Hotspot

  • How to use:
  • Subscribe to one of our internet data plans
  • Go to csl Wi-Fi hotspots, and set the Network Name (SSID/ESSID) to "CSL"
  • Launch your internet browser
  • Type any valid URL into the address field and you will be redirected to the csl Wi-Fi login page automatically
  • Lo gin to the service:
    1) Choose "Discover HK Tourist SIM/Prepaid SIM Cards"
    2) Provide your Mobile Number and Password to login to the service; dial *111# on your mobile device and follow the instructions to obtain your password.
  • After login, a new offline window will pop-up to let you terminate the connection. Do not close the offline window. To terminate your csl Wi-Fi session, simply click the "Disconnect" button.
  • If you have accidentally closed the Disconnect pop-up window, please go to hotspot.cslwifi.com and click "Disconnect" to logout.

csl Wi-Fi service is provided by Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited subject to the terms and conditions of csl Wi-Fi service, available at www.cslwifi.com.


Filipino Mobile TV Service

Panoorin ang mga paborito mong shows on Now Pinoy TV gamit ang iyong smartphone!

Filipino Mobile TV Service

  • Packages are auto-renewed every 30 days
  • Customers need to download the Now Pinoy TV app
  • Customers need a data plan to watch the shows; Now Pinoy TV data usage will be deducted from the data plan entitlement
  • Customers must clear their smartphone’s proxy setting to be able to watch the content
           Settings >> More >> Mobile networks >> Access Point Names >> Proxy  (clear the entry)

Steps on how to use the service:

Step 1: Download the Now Pinoy TV app Step 2: Open the app and registeriii your Kumusta Ka Prepaid SIM number Step 3: Subscribe to the package of your choice
Step 1: Download the Now Pinoy TV app   Step 2: Open the app and register your Kumusta Ka Prepaid SIM number   Step 3: Subscribe to the package of your choiceiii

iii Please ensure you have an existing mobile data package if you only subscribe to the stand-alone $48 Now Pinoy TV package

Terms & Conditions of the Now Pinoy TV Service:

Prepaid Rewards Program

Get as much as $1000 prepaid load FREE! Ang rewards points mo mas pinarami pa ang mare-redeem!! Kaya mag-load na!

How to earn points?

  Points Equivalent
Load 1 point for every $1 load


How to redeem?

Load na maaaring I-redeem Points na Kailangan Redemption Code to dial
$50 3,000
$120 5,000
$400 12,000
$1,000 25,000
To check load or points: Dial 109 #

Terms & Condition of the Prepaid Loyalty Rewards Program ("Program"):


Voice Call, SMS, Video Call and MMS

Kumusta Ka can provide you a flexible rate plan that is right for you

Weekday / Weekend Rate Plan

With Kumusta Ka Weekend-Weekday SIM (As low as $0.095/ 6 sec IDD to Globe, Tatto & TM)


Local Voice
Mobile to Mobile (min) $0.06
Others (min) $0.15
International Voice Mon - Fri Sat - Sun
Philippines - Globe/TM $0.125 $0.095
- Others (Smart) $0.135 $0.118
S. Korea $0.052 $0.050
Malaysia $0.055 (landline) /
$0.035 (mobile)
$0.050 (landline) /
$0.035 (mobile)
Saudi Arabia $0.165 $0.150
USA $0.070 $0.050
Canada $0.070 $0.050
Singapore $0.100 $0.050
Taiwan $0.065 (landline) /
$0.103 (mobile)
$0.08 (landline) /
$0.09 (mobile)
Japan $0.115 $0.094 (landline) / $0.110 (mobile)
UAE $0.285 $0.250
Brunei $0.100 $0.060
Local SMS Mon-Sat Sun
Intra-network Free^
Inter-network $0.80/SMS $0.40/SMS
Video Call 24-hrs/ whole week
Intra-network $0.10/ min
Inter-network $2.00/ min
Philippines - Globe/TM $2.00/ min
- Others (Smart) $4.50/ min
MMS (sent from HongKong)  
To a Hong Kong mobile number or e mail : $1/MMS
To an overseas mobile number: $3/MMS

With Kumusta Ka Weekday SIM (As low as $0.095/ 6 sec IDD to Globe, Tattoo & TM even during WEEKDAYS!)


Local Voice
Mobile to Mobile (min) $0.06
Others (min) $0.15
International Voice Mon - Fri Sat - Sun
Philippines - Globe/TM $0.095 $0.125
- Others (Smart) $0.118 $0.135
S. Korea $0.050 $0.052
Malaysia $0.050 (landline) /
$0.035 (mobile)
$0.055 (landline) /
$0.035 (mobile)
Saudi Arabia $0.150 $0.165
USA $0.050 $0.070
Canada $0.050 $0.070
Singapore $0.050 $0.100
Taiwan $0.080 (landline) /
$0.090 (mobile)
$0.065 (landline) /
$0.103 (mobile)
Japan $0.094 (landline) /
$0.110 (mobile)
UAE $0.250 $0.285
Brunei $0.050 (landline) /
$0.060 (mobile)
Local SMS Mon-Sat Sun
Intra-network Free^
Inter-network $0.80/SMS $0.40/SMS
Video Call 24-hrs/ whole week
Intra-network $0.10/ min
Inter-network $2.00/ min
Philippines - Globe/TM $2.00/ min
- Others (Smart) $4.50/ min
MMS (sent from HongKong)  
To a Hong Kong mobile number or e mail : $1/MMS
To an overseas mobile number: $3/MMS

All Week Flat Rate Plan


Local Voice
Mobile to Mobile (min) 1-400 $0.06
>400 $0.03
Others (min) 1-800 $0.15
>800 $0.06
International Voice 24-hrs/ whole week
Philippines - Globe/TM $0.095
- Others (Smart) $0.120
S. Korea $0.037
Malaysia $0.040 (landline) / $0.028 (mobile)
Saudi Arabia $0.150
USA $0.055
Canada $0.055
Singapore $0.088
Taiwan $0.050 (landline) / $0.088 (mobile)
Japan $0.088
UAE $0.270
Brunei $0.120
Local SMS Mon-Sat Sun
Intra-network Free^
Inter-network $0.50/SMS
Video Call 24-hrs/ whole week
Intra-network $0.10/ min
Inter-network $2.00/ min
Philippines - Globe/TM $2.00/ min
- Others (Smart) $4.50/ min
MMS (sent from HongKong)  
To a Hong Kong mobile number or e mail : $1/MMS
To an overseas mobile number: $3/MMS


^ Intra-network SMS is text SMS sent within Hong Kong to one2free prepaid customers, PCCW-HKT prepaid customers, 1O1O, csl and SUN Mobile customers and is subject to a quota of 10,000 SMS units per calendar month ("Quota"). Unused Monthly Quota units cannot be carried forward to the next month and will be forfeited at the end of the relevant month. If the usage exceeds the Quota, the Thereafter Charge is $0.2 per Intra-network SMS. Inter-network SMS is text SMS sent within Hong Kong to other Hong Kong networks. International SMS is text SMS sent within Hong Kong to users of overseas networks. The Quota does not include Inter-network SMS and International SMS.
If you do not select a particular rate plan, the default plan of Weekday/Weekend rate will apply. To select or change the rate plan, recharge $50 voucher via 179179 and follow the voice instruction afterwards.
The IDD charges are calculated on a per-6-second basis. csl reserves the right to change the IDD/roaming tariff or coverage from time to time without advance notice to customer. Please call customer hotline 179179 for details. 
Local airtime charge ($0.015/6 second) is included in IDD rates under Weekday/Weekend Rate Plan. However, the additional local airtime charge of $0.015/6 seconds will be applied for IDD rates under All Week Flat Rate Plan.


International Share-a-load service

With the "Share-a-load" Service, you can share your prepaid SIM stored-value to loved ones in Hong Kong/ the Philippines for seamless communications whatever you need.

Benefits of "Share-a-load" Service

Load Transfer – load can be transferred and shared between you and your buddies anytime anywhere
Easy Transfer – just a few punches on your handsets with simple text command
Unlimited Transfer – load can be transferred as many times as you need among you and your buddies
Instant Transfer – load can be transferred and used instantly, perfect for emergency situations!

How to use?

From your Kumusta Ka Prepaid SIM, dial:

  101     recipient mobile number     denomination code   #     and then press ok


Send load HKD 10 to HK user:     101     91234567     10   #
Send load PHP 100 to Filipino user:     101     63123456780     100   #
Send load IDR 10,000 to Indonesian user:     101     6212345678901     10   #
Send load MYR 10 to Malaysian user:     101     60123456789     10   #

‧ Service charge per Share-a-Load: $0.20
‧ For inquiries, Dial *101*725#

How much?

Destination Mga networks na maaaring padalhan Katumbas na
HK$ load
Katumbas na load para as recipient Denomination Code
Local - Hong Kong Kumusta Ka $10 HKD 10 10
$20 HKD 20 20
Philippines Globe
Globe Tattoo
$7 PHP 25 25
$13 PHP 50 50
$25 PHP 100 100
$7 PHP 25i 25
$8 PHP 30 30
$14 PHP 50 50
$26 PHP 100 100

Fren Mobile 8,Indosat
Three Indonesia
Ceria Indonesia

$7 IDR 5,000^
$12 IDR 10,000 10
$22 IDR 20,000ii
$27 IDR 25,000iii
$52 IDR 50,000 50
Malaysia Digi
$30 MYR 10 10
$90 MYR 30 30


i Denomination not applicable to Smart
^ Promo until 31 December 2017, IDR 5,000 is not available for Telkomsel, Smartfren
ii IDR 20,000 is not available for XL, Three Indonesia, Smartfren, Axis
iii IDR 25,000 is not available for Ceria Indonesia,Indosat

Terms and Conditions of Share-a-Load:



Interrnational Roaming

With Kumusta Ka Prepaid SIM Card (with Roaming Feature), enjoy quality roaming coverage over 250 countries and destinations to keep close contact with your friends and relatives from all over the world.
This user guide provides you with details on how to use your SIM Card for voice and value-added services during roaming. For local call services, please refer to the User Guide (For Local Use).

User Guide

Selecting Roaming Operater
When you arrive at your destination, most handsets will select a foreign network automatically after power-on. However, if your handset fails to do so, please refer to your handset user guide and follow the steps for manual network selection.

The overseas network operator’s name will be displayed on your handset screen after successful selection and you are ready to make / receive calls. If you cannot make calls for some reason, please try the following:

  • Restart the handset and redial
  • The foreign network operator you selected may not support this roaming service, please select another operator manually and redial.


Making Calls While Roaming

I. Direct Dial Roaming (Applicable to China Mobile Network)

(With effective from 15 May, 2017, Direct Dial Roaming service will be terminated, please use another dial method as show below to make voice call while roaming.)

Calling to Hong Kong
  Hong Kong Tel No.  
e.g.: Call Prepaid SIM Card hotline from Guandzhou, China
Dial: +852 179179
Making Local Calls~
  Area Code  
  China Tel No.  
e.g.: Call Beijing from Guangzhou, China
Dial: 0 10 (Beijing Tel No.)
Making Calls to Other Countries
  Country Code  
  Area Code  
  Tel No.  
e.g.: Call London, UK from Guangzhou, China
Dial: +44 20 (London Tel No.)

Note: If Direct Dial Roaming Service cannot be used, please use "*108*" service.
~ No need to key in area code when calling China mobile phone no.

(Applicable to other areas & networks)
Calling to Hong Kong
  108     1     Hong Kong Tel No.   #

(No need to key in Hong Kong country code)

e.g.: Call Prepaid SIM Card hotline from UK
Dial: *108*1*(Hong Kong Tel No.)#
Making Local Calls/Calling Other Countries
  108     1     001   Country Code   Area Code   Tel No.   #
e.g.: Call Beijing, China from UK
Dial: *108*1*001 86 10 (Beijing Tel No.) #

After pressing the above keys, a waiting message will be displayed on your handset screen. Wait and the system will ring you up shortly. Once answered, you will be connected to calling party.
Note: You need to maintain a minimum stored-value balance of $12.5 in order to make/receive call overseas.

Roaming Service Charges

  Roaming Country Receiving Calls Making Calls to
Hong Kong Local Telecom Other Countries
China Macau $8 $6 $9 $19
Rest of China
Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore,Taiwan, Thailand $9 $9 $9 $19
Japani, New Zealand $13 $13 $13 $19
Bangladesh, Brunei, Fiji, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam $25 $25 $25 $25
Europe Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK $13 $13 $13 $19
Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia $25 $25 $25 $25
Middle East &
Bahrain, Cameroon, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, South Africa, Turkey $25 $25 $25 $25
America USAii, Canadaii, Peruii, Chileii $25 $25 $25 $25
Other Roaming Countries Δ $25 $25 $25 $25
Δ In addition to the countries listed above, customers can RECEIVE CALLS in all the countries covered by Kumusta Ka roaming service which include major countries in North America, Europe and Asia.
For details of other destinations covered by Kumusta Ka prepaid roaming voice service, please click here.
Ability to receive calls depends on the local network coverage and your handset model. Kumusta Ka may also be used to make outgoing calls in other roaming countries/territories depending on the capability of individual networks.
i Applicable to 3G handsets only.
ii Applicable to Tri-band handsets only.
All calls made and received will be charged on a 30-second increment basis.
Receiving calls: charges will commence once you pick up a call.
Making calls by *108*: charges will commence once you answer the call made by the system to place the call, irrespective of whether the called party is successfully connected or not.
The above roaming tariffs are subject to change from time to time without prior notice. Please visit our website: http://e.hkcsl.com/Fil-Indo or call our hotline: 179 179 for the latest tariff.

Tips Of Use And Frequently Asked Questions

3. Country code for major roaming countries

Country Codes
Asia-Pacific Region
Australia 61 Bangladesh 880 Brunei 673
Fiji 679 India 91 Indonesia 62
Japan 81 Malaysia 60 Maldives 960
New Zealand 64 Pakistan 92 Philippines 63
Singapore 65 Sri Lanka 94 Taiwan 886
Thailand 66 Vietnam 84    
USA 1 Canada 1 Peru 51
Chile 56        
Austria 43 Belgium 32 Bosnia & Herzegovina 387
Croatia 385 Czech Republic 420 Denmark 45
Finland 358 France 33 Germany 49
Greece 30 Hungary 36 Iceland 354
Ireland 353 Italy 39 Liechtenstein 423
Luxembourg 352 Netherlands 31 Norway 47
Poland 48 Portugal 351 Romania 40
Russia 7 Slovak Republic 429 Spain 34
Sweden 46 Switzerland 41 UK 44
Middle East / Africa
Bahrain 973 Cameroon 237 Egypt 20
Israel 972 Jordan 962 Kenya 245
Kuwait 965 Lebanon 961 Morocco 212
Oman 968 Palestine 970 Qatar 974
South Africa 27 Turkey 90    
China & Macau
China 86 Macau 853    
Codes for Major Cities in China
Shenzhen 755 Huhehaote 471 Shanyang 24
Zhuhai 756 Huangshan 559 Shijiazhuang 311
Shanghai 21 Huizhou 752 Shunde 765
Beijing 10 Jiangmen 750 Suzhou 512
Guangzhou 20 Jieyang 663 Taiyuen 351
Dongguan 769 Jinan 531 Tianjin 22
Baoding 312 Jiujiang 792 Urumqi 991
Baihai 779 Kunming 871 Wenzhou 577
Changchun 431 Lanzhou 931 Wuhan 27
Changsha 731 Lhasa 891 Wuxi 510
Chaozhou 768 Lianxian 763 Wuzhou 774
Chengdu 28 Maoming 668 Xiamen 592
Chongqing 23 Meizhou 753 Xian 29
Dalian 411 Nanchang 791 Xining 971
Foshan 757 Nanhai 757 Yangjiang 662
Fuzhou 591 Nanjing 25 Yichang 717
Guilin 773 Nanning 771 Yunfu 766
Guiyang 851 Qingdao 532 Zhangjiang 759
Haikou 898 Qingyuan 763 Zhaoqing 758
Hangzhou 571 Sanshui 757 Zhangzhou 371
Harbin 451 Sanya 899 Zhongshan 760
Hefel 551 Shantou 754 Zunyi 852
Hengyang 734 Shanwei 660    
Heyuan 762 Shaoxing 751    


Download na ng RingMaster ngayon! No subscription fee!
To subscribe to RingMaster for free: dial
#   #   142     331   #
Para mag-download ng specific song: dial
#   #   142     331     < Song Code >   #
Fee: $5/song/30 days
Para pakinggan at pumili ng song: dial
Song selection, click here
To unsubscribe to RingMaster: dial
#   #   142   #   331   #


FREE* Data Transfer Service

•  High-speed direct transfer from one handset to another
•  No data or records will be kept in the device itself
•  Supports most operating systems
•  Compatible with more than 4,000 handset and tablet models.

Available only to Kumusta Ka, Hemat and Ceria Prepaid SIM Card customers

Terms and Conditions of Free Data Transfer Service


24-Hour Customer Service Hotline: 179 179
Exclusive distributor: Mobile Phone Direct Selling Centre
Shop Address:
1. Z1A, G/F, Euro Trade Centre, Des Voeux Road, Central.
2. Shop H1, No. 4-6 Dung Fat Street, Carson Mansion, Tsuen Wan
3. Shop A, G/F, Shung Tak Building, No. 14-18 Kik Yeung Road, Yuen Long


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